Hamid El Kasri, Nabyla Maan and Avishai Cohen will rock the capital

For the end of its tour, the Gnaou Festival Tour will close its 22nd edition in the capital of culture Rabat. After stops in Essaouira, Marrakech and Casablanca, the Gnaoua festival will thrill the ” R’batis » to the rhythm of great Maâlmia two days during.

On the program this Thursday evening, our Grand Maâlem Gnaoui, Hamid El Kasri, who will take us into a trance as usual alongside the nightingale of Morocco, as she is nicknamed, Nabyla Maan, and the Israeli trumpeter, Ashivai Cohen, considered one of the pillars of contemporary Jazz, carried away by the saxophone and accordion of jazzmen Emile Peirani (France) and Vincent Parisien (France).

It is therefore to the rhythm of a mixture of Gnaoua by Malhoun and Jazz that the awaited Gnaoua Festival will close its 22nd edition in Rabat, this June 23 at the National Theater Mohammed V and June 24 at the Renaissance Cinema.

At the microphone of MoroccoLatestNews UKNabyla Maan said she had ” can’t wait to be on stage and share with the public » his music and « see what it will be like to be on stage with artists that I really like”.

Two after the near end of the pandemic, Nabyla Maan tells us that she had the opportunity to play in other shows when the opportunity arose. ” But taking over the main stage of the Gnaoua Festival is very moving for me. Especially since I was one of the artists who participated in 2019, which was the last edition just before the covid. So resuming the festival just after the pandemic is something magnificent for me.“, she rejoices.

This Thursday evening, Nabyla Maan, Hamid El Kasri and Ashivai Cohen therefore juggle in a mixture of Jazz, Gnaoui and Andalusian music. » Each of us will try to put his personal touch, and will try to put his soul into it. And I think it will give something very beautiful“, confidently confides the Moroccan artist.

Asked by MoroccoLatestNews UK on her future projects, our nightingale reveals that she is currently working on her next album which will be released in a few months.

We have already shot a clip which will be released in the days to come or at most in the weeks to come, always with Moroccan music, and international sounds »she concluded.

Placed under the High Patronage of King Mohammed VI, the Gnaoua Festival Tour is organized by A3 Communication in partnership with the Yerma Gnaoua Association and the support of public and private partners.

These two days of the Gnaoua festival in Rabat are intended to be a moment of pure happiness according to the organizers. For its final stopover in Rbatie, the Gnaoua festival Tour offers two Gnaoua concerts and a concert of pure jazz over two days. Tonight it’s Gnaoua Rhythm, while the blues invites itself on June 24 at the Renaissance cinema, a mixed and deep blues with the Majid Bekkas Afro-Gnaoua Blues Band (Morocco).


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