gasoline at its highest at + 16.20 DH per liter

Since June 1st, the price of gasoline in Morocco, it is a record, has increased by about one dirham per liter or even a little more, to reach in some brands (reference price at the Mohammedia base) the bar 16.23 dirhams while diesel suffered a slight drop ranging between 30 cts and 60 cts depending on the brand.

Less than a month ago, the two fuels were of equal value at the pump. So some cannot explain this sudden gap. For many warned, one of the reasons can also be found in the closure of the Samir refinery. Gas stations each have their own version of the facts, therefore, displayed prices on Wednesday ranging between 15.50 (diesel) and 16.25 dirhams per liter of gasoline. There is no denying it, summer will indeed be hot this year.

Why on earth are fuel prices rising exponentially and how do we explain this new increase? The classic refrain is in response, namely, an increasing demand with economic growth and supply that is struggling to keep up because producing countries are not increasing their production, OPEC + obliges. What on the markets, creates a little speculation with opportunistic behaviors. All countries are facing the same price spike. In short, the chatter of circumstances which the Moroccan motorist has nothing to do with.

There is even this version to alleviate the rage of drivers of vehicles with gasoline engines, the stock that is built up of gasoline in countries that run on gasoline North America, Asia, the Gulf from which crumbs drop by drop for the remaining. In the story of Jean who laughs and Jean who cries, if the follower of unleaded drinks to want to drive a little cleaner, this is not the case for that of diesel who is not subject to the saying “polluter pays” and who for a moment only will believe that he will be able to revel in this lull. But looking at it, the rise should not stop anytime soon at this level in view of the international context.

Diesel will quickly start to rise again, so be reassured. The specialists see it around 20 DH and beyond whether for one or the other of the fuels and still the estimate is most optimistic. But it’s not just the Ukrainian conflict, OPEC+, stocks, brokers or traders and their commissions, the dollar/dirham parity, other factors come into play which often relate to the management of the a public thing like a refinery with closed valves and whose only function is to be decorative, an abandoned and rusting infrastructure.

For the pocket of the citizen it would have made him more dirhams in this energy crisis of hydrocarbons which strikes the planet. In short, in a fortnight, he will still cry over his sad fate the motorist. Spin the wool spin the days… says the song. In the meantime since the “exit” from the health crisis, the full has passed, from simple to double, finally for those who have the means to pay for it.


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