Fuel prices are skyrocketing, gasoline at 17 dhs

In Morocco, fuel prices have continued to rise in recent weeks and the last of this Tuesday are the new prices in service stations. Unsurprisingly, prices have generally increased, not to say exploded.

The changes checked this morning at the level of a few brands set gasoline prices for each brand, its reason, around 17 dhs per liter of unleaded and that of diesel at just under 15 dhs. In short, it is an increase of 60cts for the two fuels that we recorded in less than a week. Yesterday, Nadia Fatah Alaoui was confronted with parliamentarians in the House of Representatives, during the weekly plenary session devoted to the famous oral questions. The moneymaker from Morocco went there firmly to explain the government’s position on this issue which torments the minds of consumers of this hydrocarbon essential for their mobility.

In its momentum, it kicked into touch the question of subsidizing fuels and mortgaging the major projects launched by the government. “We don’t have the budget to subsidize fuel prices. But let’s not mortgage the future. The government is called upon today to manage this crisis even though it has no visibility on international price fluctuations or on the duration of this crisis. “. No measure is planned and therefore to be expected from the Executive to stem or even curb the miseries of the motorist and the continuous rise in fuel prices, apart from the aid already granted to road hauliers and which, in view of the The resolute tone of the Minister of Economy and Finance, Nadia Fettah Alaoui, to the members of the House of Representatives is not ready to be renewed.

For the Moroccan silversmith, the soaring prices of raw materials affect a large part of the world’s countries, some of which are even struggling to obtain supplies in view of the price of a barrel of oil, which rose from 86 dollars in January to 128 dollars in early June. “The problem today, in addition to the high cost, is already being able to obtain fuel supplies. The government is mobilized with its partners to supply the national market with fuel and cereals without any problem,”will tell the minister to parliamentarians.

But at what price could we add and who pays the most? In the meantime, without government intervention to contain this outpouring, it is the citizen who toasts. In Morocco more than elsewhere, there is an impression of laxity with regard to the option of free competition which is made the key word to justify the crisis situation that we are currently going through. In short, the rise in prices “independent of the goodwill of the state” occurs, oh paradox and magically the day after the firm announcement of the Minister of Economy and Finance, who prioritized before parliamentarians the government program and its clear choices namely the social State, renewable energies, water… A price increase which, moreover, is now done weekly instead of fortnightly.


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