Fez is preparing to host its Festival of Sacred Music of the World

After two blank years, the city of Fez opens the festival season by returning to its famous World Sacred Music Festival from Thursday evening. For more than two decades, this Festival has become a veritable institution which has seen a succession of internationally renowned artists carrying the values ​​of interculturality, tolerance and sharing on its various stages. Today, the entire tourist and cultural ecosystem of the city is mobilized to ensure the success of this unifying event, which has become a must on the cultural agenda and whose reputation goes far beyond the borders of the Kingdom.

Returning in a shorter format, but still just as prestigious, the Festival will offer a rich program from June 9 to 12, showcasing an exceptional selection of artists and groups in unique and rare sites that celebrate the heritage of the capital. spiritual: Bab Makina, Dar Adiyel, the Synagogue Aben Danan and Jnan Sbil.

Like every year, the Festival will kick off with a grand opening night in the magical setting of Bab Makina. A setting in atmosphere which will immerse the spectators in the theme of this edition, Architecture and the Sacred. Directed by Alain Weber, the Festival’s historic artistic director, the show uses technology to magnify the spiritual experience through immersive projection mapping effects.

Alain Weber explains on this subject: “The projection and music show, at the junction of religions and cultures, will immerse the spectators in a visual and musical epic, starting from Fez in the direction of the spiritualities of the world, and ending at the great mosque. Hassan II of Casablanca, passing by emblematic places of sacred architecture such as the Taj Mahal or the Notre Dame Cathedral. Like a trip that would leave Morocco, to return there, the ears vibrating with the beauty of the music and architecture of the world. »
The show will also feature a grandiose line-up of artists, including festival headliners, representing various musical traditions, such as Indian Sufism singers Roohani Sisters, Françoise Atlan for Judeo-Arab and Berber singing, Lobsang Chonzor for Tibetan music, or the singer Mohammed Motamedi, accompanied by Maziy ar Ghasemi on the duff for Iranian music.

The Festival will continue with a rich program to discover during the day and evening, from gardens to places of prayer and palaces. It will conclude with a big closing show on Sunday evening. Regulars of the Festival or novices, music lovers as well as simply curious people are therefore invited to commune around profound artistic expressions drawing on centuries-old heritages, to experience memorable moments.

Remember that the festival program and all the information on the artists are available on the festival website: www.fesfestival.com. The Esprit de Fès Foundation also offers the free Fesfestival application on the App Store and Android.


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