Employees announce 5-day strike starting June 15

Employees and staff of Morocco’s airports, affiliated to the Democratic Confederation of Labor (CDT), have decided to carry out a 5-day national strike, renewable, starting Wednesday, June 15.

The unified offices of the firefighters and technicians of the airport, as well as the staff and employees of the National Airports Office (ONDA) have announced the organization of a 5-day strike from June 15 accompanied by a demonstration by car in the direction of Mohammed V airport, followed by a sit-in in front of the front door, the date of which will be fixed later.

This escalation, which comes at the start of the long-awaited summer campaign by tourist operators after a two-year shutdown due to the pandemic, is due to “the total absence of their representatives, the cessation of social dialogue within the institution, the procrastination of the administration in fulfilling its obligations towards the employees, the large wage gaps, and finally the systematic marginalization by the administration vis-√†-vis a broad category of employees,according to the testimonies of airport employees.

In a statement, the aforementioned Unified Offices demanded a “increase in the salaries of marginalized categories within the institution, namely firefighters, technicians, administrative and financial managers, airport employees and engineers, like other groups“.

Trade unions affiliated with the Democratic Confederation of Labor (CDT) also called for “the resolution of all the remaining points of the memorandum of understanding signed with the Syndicat National des A√©roports on February 12, 2019, at their head, the generalization in one go of the transport allowance for all employees of the institution “, as well as “the acceleration of the validation of the professional careers of firefighters and technicians, which was to be ratified at the end of 2019, according to the memorandum of understanding“.

The employees in question reproach ONDA management for having “marginalized a large part of its employees and incited them to demonstrate because of its lack of seriousness in dealing with their demands by underestimating their importance and their sacrifices within the airport system“.

Employees who are brandishing the threat of a strike have thus thrown the ball into the field of the administration of Morocco’s airports, holding it “fully responsible for the disruption of air navigation and the operation of the Kingdom’s airports due to this strike, which coincides with the launch of Operation Marhaba, and the resumption of airport activity“.

On the other hand, according to a source at ONDA, the administration was surprised by the publication of the press release calling for the strike, “while the dialogue is open with all union representationsnoting that the “last meeting was last Friday with the union that called the strikee “.

The same source who confided inMoroccoLatestNewsexplained that the aforementioned meeting with the union “allowed to discuss the various remaining points of the memorandum of understanding signed between the administration and the union representations in 2019, which were suspended due to the Covid-19 health crisis“, adding that”70% of these points have been implemented, while the rest are under study, since the financial situation of the institution at the time of the signing of this memorandum was different from the current financial situation“.

Thus, our source made a point of specifying that the general administration of the ONDA opens channels of dialogue with all the social partners to discuss the claims files, and to approach all the questions, “in a responsible manner and in an atmosphere of constructive and responsible dialogue, which takes into account the financial constraints of the institution, puts forward its best interests and responds to legitimate requests from employees“.


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