Ecological cars in Morocco and the challenge of maintenance and support

At a time when the voices of defense of the environment and the promotion of a world without greenhouse gas emissions are increasingly heard, clean or environment-friendly cars are emerging as a credible alternative for make this planetary claim a reality.

With the strong presence of different means of transport using fossil energy, the electric car is positioned as a global or partial alternative to guarantee the conditions of a world without environmental or noise pollution.

Based on the significant advantages of these cars, the Al Wafae Association of Automobile Repairers in Greater Casablanca is committed to encouraging users to pay more attention to ecological or hybrid cars.

The Association initiated, on the occasion of World Environment Day, celebrated on June 5, a training session in Kenitra to raise awareness among professionals and people interested in the automotive sector of the need to support the changes that knows the world.

On this occasion, the president of the Association, Omar Fafouri, indicated that this training session is part of a series of workshops in more than 30 cities of the Kingdom, noting that through theoretical workshops and practical, the beneficiaries benefited free of charge from training on these modern cars on which we count to fight against pollution and emissions.

And to explain that the repair of these very developed cars, with advanced technology, requires knowledge, expertise and precaution since the electric power of these cars can reach 200 to 300 volts, which causes, in the case of bad handling , powerful electric shocks that can cause death.

According to Omar Fafouri, there is a great influx and curiosity among professionals to have more information on this new technology, noting that this is illustrated by the large number of beneficiaries (from 200 to 400) of the training sessions, organized by the association in collaboration with its partners.

The objective of this kind of workshops is to educate the general public in general and mechanics in particular on the standards for the repair of electric and hybrid cars, which opens up new prospects for research and the development of capacities, to fill the potential gap in the case of widespread use of these cars.

For his part, El Idrissi Mustapha, one of the beneficiaries of the training sessions, pointed out that the automotive sector is experiencing rapid development, which requires everyone, especially professionals, to follow new developments to ensure continuity, noting that despite his experience spanning nearly five decades, he is always eager to learn about new developments in this field, which is his livelihood.

He underlined, in this regard, that these training courses bring professionals and laypersons closer to this constantly changing world, specifying that each session brings new ideas and information.

For Mustapha, electric and hybrid cars are distinguished by their new technologies which make it possible to limit greenhouse gas emissions, in addition to their advantages in terms of comfort and consumption.

For his part, Samir Dabagh, a young specialist in auto electricity, said he was lucky to have benefited from these training sessions, stressing that more training is always welcome since it allows, “thanks to qualified facilitators, to simplify the sharing of knowledge, in particular for self-taught mechanics who have learned the trade on the job”.

And the expert warns that the electric power of cars is no longer limited to 12 volts, but can reach up to 300 volts, which requires more precaution and experience.


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