Details of state support for tourist accommodation establishments

After the launch on February 21 of a call for expressions of interest (AMI) to identify tourist accommodation establishments wishing to benefit from the financial support provided by the State, the Ministry of Tourism, Crafts, of the Social and Solidarity Economy (tourism sector), launched the electronic platform developed by the Moroccan Society of Tourism Engineering (SMIT) for professionals of classified tourist accommodation establishments (EHT), in order to find out about details of the aid received and the amounts granted.

The Ministry of Tourism specifies that out of the two (2) billion dirhams allocated to the emergency plan launched by the government to support the tourism sector and accompany it in its recovery after the two years of pandemic, “ 50% of this financial envelope (1 billion) was granted as aid for the benefit of classified accommodation establishments (EHT) wishing to improve the quality of their offers and services”.

Among these services are the maintenance of equipment and spaces, the introduction and integration of renewable energies” as well as ” digital transition and training »specifies the ministry, noting in this regard that the hotel establishments will benefit, in the coming days, from financial support to quickly resume their activities.

Similarly, 90% of the total of this budget envelope was allocated to classified and active tourist accommodation establishments that were operating in 2019, while the remaining 10% were granted to specific cases that did not meet this condition. which has been the subject of continuous consultations and close participation in which the hoteliers, represented by the National Confederation of Tourism (CNT) and the National Federation of Hotels (FNIH) have been associated at all stages of preparation and implementation of the plan “.

After the completion of the verification process of all the requests for support submitted, the establishments were classified according to the results of the evaluation which was carried out according to a number of criteria by entity and by category, and which was carried out by local technical committees made up of representatives of the Ministry of Tourism and representatives of the Hotel Industry Association (AIH), in addition to experts designated for this purpose by SMIT.

The determination of the regional distribution of aid for the benefit of hotel establishments sought to take into account the hotel capacity of each region, explains the ministry in its press release, before confirming that ” for regions whose total grant requests did not exceed the total budget allocated to the region, all requests submitted were 100% satisfied “.

For the other regions, all the aid was granted according to an equation and a national distribution making it possible to meet the needs of all the zones and regions in a spirit of solidarity, underlines the ministry.

An official source within the National Hospitality Federation, which brings together various professionals in the sector on a national scale, confirmed to MoroccoLatestNewsthat “ the principles of solidarity and equity have been taken into account to ensure support for all types of tourist accommodation establishments in Morocco, whether located in regions with seasonal tourist supply or small in terms of number of transactions and total capacity “. In order to encourage small tourist establishments, our interlocutor specified that all requests for grants of less than 500,000 dirhams were granted 100%.

The establishments concerned and accepted will have to submit their files to the provincial and regional tourism delegates in order to receive the first tranche of support.said our source, who preferred to remain anonymous, adding that ” each file includes a set of necessary documents which will be determined soon after continuous consultations between the actors of the tourism sector “.

A second AMI will be launched soon, precisely in July 2022, in order to cover requests for support and support submitted by EHTs who have specific cases. The first AMI experienced considerable enthusiasm from hotel operators, according to the number of EHTs having benefited from the support, which amounts to 737 establishments having proposed investment programs aimed at preparing to relaunch their activity.


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