Cinema: Death of Jean-Louis Trintignant, the unforgettable hero of "And God created woman"

The famous actor of “And God created woman” and “Love”, Jean-Louis Trintignant, died this Friday at the age of 91, announced his wife, Mariane Hoepfner Trintignant.

In a press release sent by her agent to AFP, she specifies that Trintignant died “peacefully, of old age, this morning, at his home, in the Gard, surrounded by his relatives”.

He who never dreamed of becoming an actor, who was said to be sickly shy, finally played roles in French cinema will not forget, and in films that have become cults.

From And God… Created Woman (1956) to Love (2012), including Le Fanfaron (1962), A Man and a Woman (1966), Z (1969) and Le Conformiste (1970), Jean-Louis Trintignant will have surfed several genres and registers, with the same talent and the same passion.


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