Chaouki Benyoub presents the baseline report on human rights in the southern provinces

The interministerial delegate for human rights, Ahmed Chaouki Benyoub, was this Wednesday, the guest of the MAP forum. On this occasion, he presented the basic report on human rights in the southern provinces of the Kingdom of Morocco.

The elaboration of this basic report is part of the particular attention paid to the strengthening of protection in the field of human rights, as indicated in the royal message on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, he explained.

And to specify in this regard that 80% of the data contained in this basic report are official and published, while 20% were submitted to the interministerial delegation within the framework of institutional coordination during the preparation of the reports. international.

In the preface, it is noted that in order to achieve its objectives, the baseline report covers the period from the end of 1999 to the end of 2021, in order to present as detailed a picture as possible of what has happened in the field of human rights men in the southern provinces, which are experiencing very significant achievements.

The basic report is thus intended to be a documented text which includes, in its postulate, its structure and its purpose, purely qualitative data, preceded by analytical presentations, in the form of paragraphs, which present a detailed picture of the management by our country of the question of the Sahara with the international community and on the achievements in the field of human rights in the southern provinces of the Kingdom.

It is characterized by the documentation of qualitative data drawn faithfully from their sources, so that its user can assimilate the meaning of the material, its reference and its support.

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The report is divided into eight sections which include human rights in the southern provinces through United Nations documents, transitional justice and the special status of the southern provinces, the autonomy initiative in the Moroccan Sahara and human rights, the development model of the southern provinces.


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