CA of Morocco SME Agency: Significant increase in 2021 achievements

The Minister of Industry and Trade, Ryad Mezzour, chaired, on Thursday June 23, the Board of Directors of the National Agency for the Promotion of SMEs (Morocco PME) devoted to the examination of its activity report for the year 2021 and its 2022 action plan.

The Board noted the multiplication of the number of projects of Very Small, Small and Medium Enterprises having benefited from the Agency’s support in terms of technical expertise and financial support for investment, which reached 2,531 projects in 2021 against 819 projects in 2020.

The number of jobs incurred by the investment projects approved in 2021, for its part, increased by 15% to 29,249 direct and indirect jobs in 2021 against 25,357 in 2020.

These achievements are the result of the new generation of programs launched by the Agency and the momentum set in motion by the bank of projects launched by the Ministry of Industry for the development of industrial sovereignty.


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