Benmoussa wants to preserve the national priority in the field of publishing

The Minister of National Education, Preschool and Sports, Chakib Benmoussa, called, Monday in Rabat, to preserve the national priority in the field of the publication of school textbooks, implemented during the Covid-19 pandemic. 19, in the wake of demands by national publishers to revise textbook prices.

Guest of the MAP Forum held under the theme “What roadmap for a quality public school?” Chakib Benmoussa stressed the importance of making efforts to reduce profit margins and the cost of production, adding that printers must make an effort to ensure that production costs are maintained at prevailing levels at scale. internationally and so that publishers do not bear the increased costs.

Stressing the need to support these efforts on the part of the State, the Minister said that the government is examining the request of national publishers in this direction, while taking into account the increase in paper prices in the world market. .

In this regard, Chakib Benmoussa stressed the need to find answers to questions related to the revision of textbook prices, in order to guarantee their availability at the start of the next school year, recalling that 70% of primary level textbooks are financed by the State as part of the “One million schoolbags” initiative. »

He also insisted on the imperative to continue these efforts in order to protect the most precarious categories from the repercussions of changes linked to the world market.


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