ASADEH Responds to Malicious Accusations Seeking to Harm Its Noble Cause

The President of the Sahrawi Association for the Defense of Human Rights (ASADEDH), Ramdan Mesaud Larbi, wanted to clarify certain points following a slanderous article in the Iberian press which attributes to this association a supposed “extra humanitarian agenda “.

The association in question has been fighting for many years before the Spanish courts for the rights of the Sahrawi victims of the Polisario militia.

It is about a hundred families and people bereaved, tortured and bruised by the separatist militia whose members continue to live with impunity to this day, like Brahim Ghali, the current head of the organization, on which weigh heavy charges of enforced disappearances, torture, rape, war crimes, and even genocide.

Reacting to an article by El Pais which attributes to the association ASADEDH “extra humanitarian” activities, its president published a “clarification”.

“Trying to discredit the activities of the Sahrawi association for the defense of human rights (ASADEDH), which I have the honor to lead, to attribute extra-humanitarian agendas does not hold water for a certain number of reasons »he argued.

“All Sahrawis have no doubt that the leaders of the Polisario Front, with very few exceptions, have seriously, repeatedly and systematically violated human rights since the creation of the movement in the mid-1970s, leaving behind them a trail of corpses, disappearances and mutilations”said the activist.

And to add that it is an open secret which has been recognized and accepted by the accused themselves on several occasions, affirming that the association ASADEDH has been fighting since its creation so that these crimes do not remain unpunished.

Mesud Larbi recalls the “firm conviction (of the association) to prioritize human rights over any other type of political or social considerations” and emphasizes the pride of having been able to give a voice to hundreds of “forgotten victims of the conflict” around the Sahara and “Who are the victims of the Polisario”.

For the association, this truth nevertheless remains taboo, until today for “the whole of society, and especially for those who are in solidarity with the polisario and those who share its objectives”.

The president of ASADEDH also returned to the “Ghali affair” which was publicized in March 2021 following the illegal entry of the head of the Polisario into Spain under a false Algerian identity. A diplomatic passport under the name of Mohamed Benbattouche which was granted to him by Algeria in order to cross the Spanish borders without being checked and not answering for his actions before the Spanish justice.

He explains that the case concerns specific people, including Brahim Ghali, and therefore is not a political affair but one of human rights. Because Brahim Ghali had been prosecuted in Spain since December 2007 and he was not the only one prosecuted in this case. Among the accused are Algerian politicians, security agents and civil servants.

“It should be noted that at the time, Ghali had not yet assumed the highest responsibility within the polisario, and that his predecessor, Mohamed Abdelaziz, was not among the accused”he said, blocking the way to journalistic extrapolations which implied that if the affair of the arrival of Brahim Ghali in Spain was so resounding it was because he was the leader of the militia separatist.

Finally, the association explains that “Throughout the process, we acted transparently based on the testimonies of the victims and the forensic analyzes confirming the abuses and humiliations suffered”.

To conclude that “the courts have always advanced + formal + reasons to postpone or close the case and have never denied the facts”.


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