Arrested by the Russian army, a Moroccan faces the death penalty

The young Moroccan Brahim Sadun, barely 21 years old and arrested by Russian forces in Ukraine, is facing the death penalty by the justice of the self-proclaimed republic of Donetsk, alongside two other British detainees by the Russian army.

After the outbreak of war in Ukraine, Brahim Sadun, a Moroccan student at the Faculty of Aerodynamic and Space Technologies of the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (KPI), reportedly joined the Marine Corps of Ukraine under a contract, according to the Russian press.

In April 2022, he was reportedly arrested, along with two Britons who joined the Ukrainian resistance, Andrew Hill and Sean Pinner, by the Russian armed forces. Moroccans discovered the arrest of Brahim Sadun by the Russians via a video widely shared on social networks. We see him answering questions from a ” blogger “ Where ” journalist “ Russian, versions differ, dressed in army uniform, hands tied.

In what appears to be an interview, or rather an interrogation, the young Brahim Sadun is presented as a Moroccan fighter on behalf of Ukraine, captured by Russian forces. He was fluent in Russian and even said he spoke four other languages ​​(Darija, Arabic, English, Ukrainian). A video that has been the subject of several questions. Is the young person in the video really a Moroccan student, knowing that Morocco has ensured the repatriation of its students from Ukraine?

May 2022, the authorities of the self-proclaimed republic of Donetsk announced the arrest of three foreign citizens, including a Moroccan. The Interfax agency, spokesman for the office of the regional prosecutor, Viktor Gavrilov, specified that an investigation was carried out on his three defendants who “could be liable to the death penalty”.

Today, an image circulates on the networks, showing the young Moroccan in a cell of a court probably, alongside two other detainees.

On the side of Morocco, which has adopted a position of neutrality since the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, the government spokesman, Mustapha Baitas, had been asked in April about the young Moroccan. The minister had assured that the Kingdom “ had so far received no information from any party on this subject”.

The Moroccan press was able to reach Brahim Sadun’s father, Taher, who said he received information “shy” about her son’s situation. He described him as a “genius, virtuous, endowed with a strong personality and strong morale”accusing the Ukrainian authorities of “take advantage of foreign students, especially Arabs, by using them as weapons of war”. He also stressed that the Moroccan authorities “are not there for nothing” and they did their part“by repatriating Moroccan students”.

Brahim Sadun’s father even called on the parents and guardians of the students still in Ukraine to repatriate their children, at the risk of suffering the same fate as his son, of whom he has not heard much.

Ukraine had announced the creation of a Foreign Legion, inviting people with military experience to join the resistance. Ukrainian President Zelensky reportedly called on all foreigners to register on a site dedicated to receiving applications from foreign fighters that did not include Morocco. It included fighters from Denmark, Poland, Latvia, Croatia, Canada among others. Moreover, the law in Morocco prohibits Moroccans from going to any country to fight.


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