AMPS reacts to the treatment of Moroccan journalists in Oran

The Moroccan Sports Press Association (AMPS) reacted to the mistreatment of Moroccan journalists traveling to Algeria to cover the Mediterranean Games.

In a statement released Thursday, June 23, AMPS protested the inexplicable detention of Moroccan journalists at Oran airport, where they were forcibly detained for nearly 24 hours.

The Algerian authorities have refused them access to the territory on the pretext that they do not have accreditation for the Mediterranean games, which they had come to cover by transiting through Tunisia.

They were refused any compromise and any solution despite the efforts and pressure of members of the National Olympic Committee (CNOM), consular representatives and members of the Games Organizing Committee.

After a sleepless night at Ahmed Ben Bella airport, where they slept on the ground, the nine journalists in question were finally asked to leave Algeria and return to Morocco.

The ban on access to the territory was decided “in high places”, according to the testimony of the Algerian authorities present at Oran airport.


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