African Lion, Dakhla Forum, Israel, Spain, clandos... Algeria in its little shoes

Algeria enrages and even threatens after a Hispano-Moroccan investment forum took place on June 21 and 22 in Dakhla. Algeria has attacked Spain and warned that this will have certain consequences for the Executive of Pedro Sanchez according to Amar Belani, a “diplomat” whose pompous title demonstrates the Algerian regime’s obsession with Morocco and its Sahara.

While the event between Morocco and Spain was the first economic meeting of its kind since Madrid considered the autonomy plan proposed by Morocco as the “most serious, realistic and credible basis for the resolution of the dispute” of the Moroccan Sahara, in Algeria, once again, this had to have consequences.

The one whose appointment does not lack nerve (Algeria’s special envoy for Western Sahara and the Maghreb countries at the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs), and who interferes in all matters, whether France, Spain or even the United States or Israel, no longer knows where to turn, so vast are our southern provinces,

Amar Belani criticized the organization of the Hispano-Moroccan Investment Forum, in the city of Dakhla, assuring that this forum ” would make things worse with Spain “. The separatists in good tame or well-trained doggies, it is obvious, have logically followed in the footsteps of their master, the senile regime of Algiers. A small copy-paste from which we will in no way take away the initiative in Algiers which in its little corner, it is an open secret, dictates the attitude to be taken by its offspring.

Algeria created its militia from scratch, nurtured it for more than four decades in order to satisfy its desires for hegemony, thinking it was fulfilling its dream, that of enclosing the Kingdom and offering itself a way on the ‘Atlantic. Now to speak of refugees in Tindouf is to insult the intelligence of Nations. They are sequestered Moroccans under the influence of Algerian mercenaries, or are Algerians, Malians and citizens from neighboring countries who have come especially to increase the number of this population living under arms and sponsored by the Algiers regime. At the moment, there is talk of upsetting the hierarchical power of the separatists. It feels.

And as the official Algerian news agency APS puts it so well for once, ” at the end of the talks with the head of Polisario diplomacy, Mohamed Salem Ould Salek, the Algerian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ramtane Lamamra expressed his government’s “solidarity” with “the Sahrawi people until the realization of their legitimate demands and the exercise of its inalienable and imprescriptible right to self-determination “.

And that’s it! Finally almost since “the meeting was also an opportunity for Algeria and the Polisario to” reaffirm the importance of strengthening the efforts that the United Nations is making through the personal envoy of the UN Secretary General, Mr. Staffan De Mistura, for the resumption of direct talks between the parties to the conflict (Morocco and Polisario) “. In other words, Algiers has nothing to do with it except arming mercenaries and destabilizing an entire region of the world for its own interests.

But let’s not see there, that the only object of discord to the East of Eden even in its south. Since Monday, June 20 and for ten days, the United States and Morocco have launched in southern Morocco, the largest military exercise on the continent, African Lion in its 2022 edition. For the two schizo puppets of the Muppet show “made in Algeria” is a wrathful aggression ready to engulf them. It must be said that these joint maneuvers by AFRICOM in Morocco are causing concern on the side.

Unfortunately this is part of the sovereignty that no one can take away from us. It’s like when the Algiers junta recently hastened to organize nocturnal military maneuvers with live ammunition in the Tindouf region. But in this affair what really gives the balls to the senile people of Algiers is Israel. And go ahead and accuse the Jewish state, the sworn enemy of participating in the African Lion exercises. And to drool even more, since at the end of the meeting she had with the head of Moroccan diplomacy Nasser Bourita, the Israeli Minister of the Interior, Ayelet Shaked, unsurprisingly, “reiterated “Israel’s support for Morocco’s sovereignty over its Sahara. No comment!

And then we don’t tell you that lately between Algiers and Madrid is electric and this time it’s not gas but the alarming new scale of illegal immigration from the coasts of western Algeria to the south from Spain where hundreds of clandos every week, or even a few times in a single weekend, are shipped to the Old Continent via Spain.

Algeria has refused to renew the enhanced cooperation between the coastguards of the two countries and the admission of harragas turned back by Spain. Also in order to stop this flow and scare the networks of “harragas” smugglers suspected of being supported by the Algerian junta, Madrid, faced with this attitude qualified as hostile, launched an appeal to NATO military forces. .

As a result, since last Monday, several Spanish military ships as well as others from the Atlantic military alliance have been sailing off the Province of Almeria and the Balearic Islands. The composed fleet even carted the Algerian territorial waters thus triggering the ire of Algiers. ” Simple routine military drills Madrid replied to justify this deployment.


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