ABHBC: Drowning Risk Awareness Campaign

The Bouregreg and Chaouia Hydraulic Basin Agency (ABHBC) is launching a broad awareness campaign on the risks of drowning related to swimming in dam reservoirs, on two different but complementary levels.

This campaign which intervenes in execution of the communication plan of the ABHBC, is initiated in partnership with the civil society and the Regional Academies of education and training (AREF) coming under its zone of action, namely the regions of Casablanca-Settat, Rabat-Salé-Kénitra and Béni Mellal -Khénifra, and the Association of Teachers of Life and Earth Sciences (AESVT) and the Association Water and Energy for All (ASEET)

Regarding the 1st level of the caravan targeting students between 7 and 16 years old, the Bouregreg and Chaouia Hydraulic Basin Agency produced a capsule in the form of cartoons to raise awareness of the dangers of swimming in the reservoirs of dams in order to fight against the dangers of drowning, encourage students and citizens to avoid them and instill in them a culture of prevention, indicates a press release from the Agency.

The ABHBC counts, like in other years, on the commitment of the Regional Academies of Education and Training as an essential partner in conveying to students messages of behavior change vis-à-vis water resources in general and the dangers associated with bathing in the reservoirs of dams in particular, underlines the document.

In partnership with the provincial directorate of education and training of Settat and by involving teachers of life and earth sciences, the start of this awareness campaign will take place this year on June 17 at 10 a.m. at the college. Al Massira Alkhadraa in Settat by distributing the capsule to students and exchanging discussions with them to clarify the dangers involved in swimming in these places.

At the same time, the capsule will be distributed in all public and private schools in the agency’s area of ​​action, since the AREFs of the three regions have already validated the said capsule and shared it with all the provincial directorates of the agency. education under their territory.

In this respect, the Agency has invited the AREFs to use these capsules as a support during class sessions, by encouraging teachers to make pupils aware of the dangers of swimming in dam reservoirs and to disseminate them on social networks.

According to the agency, the caravan targets more than 2 million students for the three regions, calling on all concerned and everyone to ensure wide distribution of this video support in order to stop the cases of drowning recorded each year.

With regard to the 2nd level of the caravan which is spread over seven days from June 20, 2022, the ABHBC in partnership with local authorities and civil society is launching a caravan which will meet the neighboring populations of dams of Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah, Sidi Yahya Zaeir, Rouidat, Kouachia, El Malleh, Hessar, Tamesna and Lhimer, indicates the press release of the Agency.

The objective is to approach this population, in the municipalities, souks and douars in order to draw their attention to the potential dangers of swimming in these bodies of water or reservoirs of dams by broadcasting a powerful message in dialectal Arabic for the lead them to refrain from swimming in these dangerous places.

And the ABHBC to detail that the caravan includes two vehicles and a tent dressed according to the theme, equipped with a loudspeaker for the diffusion of the message, noting that 10,000 flyers will be distributed and 1,000 posters will be placed on the walls of the gathering places of the population such as mosques, grocery stores and all the administrative premises of these municipalities.

Thus in the morning, the caravan takes place in the souks to inform about the dangers, spread the message and distribute the flyers, while in the afternoon, it will be marked by the tour in the douars to spread the message and ask the posters on the walls.


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