A temporary exploratory mission stops on the situation of the river

The temporary exploratory mission set up by the House of Representatives to focus on the situation of Oum Rbiâ, began its work with a meeting with a number of officials concerned by the environmental crisis that the estuary is going through.

In this regard, the members of this exploratory mission went to the estuary of the Oum Rbiâ river in Azemmour, where they met with a number of actors involved in this file.

MP of the Progress and Socialism Party (PPS) and head of the exploratory reconnaissance mission, Yousef Bizid confirmed in a statement to MoroccoLatestNews that the members of the mission visited the region, where they listened to a number of citizens and civil society organizations, and also held a meeting with the president of the commune of Azemmour.

The mission also held a meeting with the regional director of equipment at the directorate of equipment in El-Jadida, who made a presentation in which he highlighted the reasons that led to the asphyxiation of the mouth of the Oum Rbiâ river, mainly the drought factor. Indeed, the water of the river is no longer sufficient to reach the sea, in addition to the drainage of the quantities of waste water in the river which has damaged its ecosystem, explained the official.

According to the head of the exploratory mission, the regional director of equipment at the directorate of equipment in El-Jadida informed the parliamentarians about the plan of the Ministry of Equipment and Water to solve this problem, noting that the dredging of the downstream sands will start from next week via ministry mechanisms.

The same source specified that maintenance work downstream will continue until a study is carried out to propose definitive solutions to ensure the normal flow of water from the river to the sea. A wastewater treatment plant will also be put in place within a maximum period of 20 months, which will solve the problem of river water pollution due to the discharge of wastewater.

Also, a meeting is scheduled in the coming days between the members of the temporary exploratory mission set up by the House of Representatives and Nizar Baraka, Minister of Equipment and Water, to determine the state of the mouth of the Oum Rbia river.

The above-mentioned exploratory mission aims, according to its technical sheet, to identify the state of asphyxiation experienced by the estuary of the Oum Rbiâ river and to examine the ecological effects of this asphyxia, in particular with regard to the drainage of waste water in that -this. It is also a question of identifying the imbalances which threaten the ecosystems of this estuary and the death of various fish as well as the repercussions of the situation on the professionals of traditional fishing working in the region.

The mission thus seeks to answer a number of questions about the suffocation experienced by the Oum Rbiâ estuary, and the government’s vision to ventilate this estuary and prevent it from suffocating in the future, as well as on the measures taken to maintain the ecological balance in this estuary and to protect it from pollution and environmental degradation.


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