A Moroccan-American military delegation visits the medical-surgical field hospital in Taliouine

A senior delegation from the General Staff of the Royal Armed Forces (FAR) and the US Army visited on Monday the medical-surgical field hospital deployed in the town of Taliouine (province of Taroudant).

Upon their arrival at the hospital site, the members of the delegation led by Lieutenant General Belkhir El Farouk, Inspector General of the FAR and Commander of the Southern Zone, and American Major General Michael j. Turley followed explanations on the objectives of this medical initiative, the human resources mobilized for the success of the operation, the type of services provided to the local population, in addition to the number of beneficiaries.

The deployment of this hospital, which mobilizes medical teams made up of doctors and nurses from the FAR and the American Army, is part of the parallel humanitarian activities of the combined Moroccan-American exercise “African Lion 2022 “.

Operational since June 13, this hospital provides until June 30, medical and surgical services for the benefit of the local populations of the region. Medicines and corrective glasses are offered free of charge to patients.

This multidisciplinary health structure mobilizes specialized technical staff and significant logistical resources. In particular, it includes two operating theaters and has the equipment necessary for proper operation.

This medico-surgical field hospital, which assists the local and neighboring population, is supervised by 151 Moroccan and American medical staff and 110 support elements as well as 11 FAR social workers who offer services relating to the education and health of mother and child.

“African Lion” is a combined joint exercise organized each year by the FAR and the American Armed Forces.

This year’s edition, which will continue until June 30, has the participation of 10 African and international countries, including Morocco and the United States, as well as around twenty military observers from partner countries in the regions. from Agadir, Benguerir, Kénitra, Mahbès, Taroudant and Tantan.


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