60% of Moroccans prefer to buy products from national brands

Some 60% of Moroccans prefer to buy products from national brands, while 20% prefer foreign brands, according to a study by the Sunergia Group on consumer preferences.

By gender, 60% of men and 55% of women surveyed said they preferred Moroccan brands, says this study entitled “Consumer preferences: Moroccan brands vs. foreigners”.

People aged 55 and over are more likely to buy products from Moroccan brands, the study says, noting that this trend is more visible among people in rural areas. In addition, the said study indicates that the inhabitants of the northeast and the south show the highest rates in terms of preference for Moroccan products, with 61% and 64% respectively.

For several years, many initiatives have been launched by the State to encourage Moroccans to consume products of a Moroccan brand rather than a foreign brand, recalls the same source. These initiatives were accentuated after covid-19 and became priorities within the framework of the economic recovery plan, with a view to ensuring a balance in the trade balance.


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