4 young women file a complaint against the former French boss of Assu 2000

The former CEO of the insurance brokerage group Assu 2000, Jacques Bouthier, has been the subject of 4 new complaints from young Moroccan women, among other things for “trafficking in human beings” and “sexual harassment”.

Imprisoned since the end of May in France for “ rape of a minor, the former boss of the French firm, is accused of “trafficking in human beings, sexual harassment and verbal and moral violence” on his alleged victims.

The facts would have taken place between 2018 and the beginning of 2022, according to the Moroccan Association for the Rights of Victims which represents young women, which indicates that the case was brought to court in Tangier.

“An investigation is open and we trust justice”, said the association’s lawyer Karima Salama during a press conference in Tangier. The complainants worked for the Assu 2000 group, which became Vilavi.

The young women are between 26 and 28 years old, by the Assu 2000 group (renamed Vilavi), they claim to have been fired after refusing to “give in to harassment and blackmail” by M. Bouthier “and his accomplices among those responsible” French and Moroccans from his company in Tangier.

They testified with their faces covered, affirming that the boss and his accomplices took advantage of their precarious situation to exercise repeated sexual blackmail, job blackmail and the use of intimidation if they were to refuse. the sexual propositions of the accused.

“Jacques Bouthier has no morals or ethics, he is convinced that with his financial power he can afford anything with impunity”denounced the president of the association and lawyer Aïcha Guellaa.

“There are witnesses, there is tangible evidence, there are exchanges on WhatsApp, by email”, against Mr. Bouthier, 75, she said.

The man considered one of the richest people in France was imprisoned for similar facts in France after a preliminary investigation opened in mid-March with five other people, in particular for human trafficking and rape of a minor.

In addition, he is being prosecuted for criminal conspiracy to commit the crime of kidnapping and kidnapping in an organized gang and possession of child pornography images.


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