1,520 centers made available for 557,864 candidates for the national test

Preparations for the passing of the baccalaureate exams for the ordinary session of June 2022 are going well for the smooth running of this national test at the level of all the AREFs of the Kingdom, which will start tomorrow Monday June 20 and end on Friday 24 June.

For this 2022 session, some 557,864 candidates will take the tests for the ordinary session of the unified national baccalaureate examination.

For the needs of the examination and the correction of the copies of the pupils who amount to some 4 million, the Ministry of National Education of Preliminary Education and Sports has thus made 1,520 centers available.

While the Covid-19 is still circulating in Morocco, and in order to fight against the spread of this phantom virus during the passage of this national test, the Ministry of National Education has fixed the number of candidates per classroom. examination at 20 only.

In order to support candidates in preparing for the tests in good conditions, Chakib Benmoussa’s department has made available to them by e-mail, framework documents in addition to pedagogical support courses and adaptation of subjects. . Even the conditions for the conduct of the tests have been made available to candidates in particular situations.

Regarding the dates, the supervisory ministry announced that the ordinary session of the national examination will take place on June 20, 21 and 22, 2022 for the scientific and technical and professional branches and on June 23 and 24, 2022 for literature and original teaching, while the results of the ordinary session exams will be announced on July 1, 2022.

Thus, monitoring and follow-up units have been created at the central and regional levels to support the various stages of this deadline, the ministry indicated, assuring that all measures guaranteeing the conduct of the national examination in a climate of transparency, integrity and equal opportunity have been taken.

These measures consist of the provision of spaces dedicated to printing and photocopying, the transfer of examination subjects from the distribution centers to the examination centers, as well as correction and entry of marks.


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