11th Meknes TV Fiction Festival: Award-winning SNRT productions

The productions of the National Society of Radio and Television (SNRT) were awarded during the closing ceremony of the 11th edition of the Meknes Television Fiction Festival, held on May 31, 2022.

Thus, the Grand Prix, in the category of soap operas, was won by “Biya Oula Bik”, a series produced by the Al Aoula channel and signed Mourad El Khoudi.

This work, by screenwriters El Mamoune Naciri, Ayoub El Hmoud, Oussama Oussouss and Yahia Chaâbane, was performed by Mohamed Khouyi, Amine Naji, Fatima Khair, Nadia Ait and Malika El Omari.

Similarly, the screenplay prize, in the same category, was awarded to the series “Moul Mlih”, directed by Ayoub Lehnoud.

This social and romantic drama, produced by Al Aoula, was performed by Abdelilah Rachid, Saad Mowaffaq, Said Bey, Fadela Benmoussa, Zainab Obeid and Hassan Badida.

In addition, the Prize for Best Female Performance was awarded to actress Fatima Zohra Jaouhari for her role “Lbatoul” in the TV movie “El Ghadi”.

Directed by Lotfi Ait Ejjaoui, this social drama, starring Mohamed Ajil, Hassan Foulane, Saidia Azkoune, Mehdi Foulane and Fatima zahra El Jaouhari, is a 2021 SNRT production.

The series jury, chaired by the novelist Mohammed Berrada, was made up of the creator of “Moudawala”, Rachida Ahfoud and the actress, Saadia Ladib.

For its part, the television film jury, made up of playwright and director Naima Zitan and actor and screenwriter Abdellah Chakiri, was headed by director Mohamed Abderrahmane Tazi.

It should be noted that this 11th edition of the festival is initiated by the Association “Spectacle Libre” in partnership with the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication, the SNRT, the 2M channel, the Council of the Fez-Meknes region and the Urban Commune of Meknes.


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