Ukrainian universities prepare to expel Moroccan students, families raise their voices

Students returning from Ukraine, accompanied by their parents, are preparing to take action to demand a solution to their situation, threatened with expulsion from universities in the European country.

The anxiety of students and their parents doubled after receiving data indicating the intention of a number of Ukrainian universities to expel them.

Contacted by MoroccoLatestNews, some parents believe that this decision could be linked to the non-payment of fees due to the weak role of intermediaries and other reasons why they have not yet obtained their contact details, which puts them in a more tense situation.

Abdellah Touil, the father of one of the returning students, revealed that parents and students will hold a protest over the next week to demand the government address their situation, and will also drop a letter to the office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans Living Abroad, as well as the office of the Embassy of Ukraine in Rabat.

The decision of these universities comes at a time when Law No. 2126, which was passed unanimously in the first reading of the House of Representatives of Ukraine (Zada) by people’s deputies on March 15, 2022, stipulates in paragraph 57-1 regarding the education sector, a complete ban on the dismissal of students from educational institutions and the dismissal or dismissal of teachers and employees of the education sector in the event of war or emergency .

On the other hand, the students, in a statement addressed to the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation, expressed their dissatisfaction and their categorical refusal to take what they described as a final exam, emphasizing that ” the processing of this file must be carried out in accordance with the procedures and exceptional measures provided for by the Moroccan constitution and international standards”.

The students questioned Minister Abdellatif Miraoui about the fate of their colleagues who will be expelled after passing the national exams and the exams for the host countries, stressing that Morocco badly needs these young executives, according to what said Moroccan officials on several occasions. occasions.

The parents of students, in a letter addressed to Minister Miraoui, expressed their regret at not having received a response to any of their repeated correspondence, explaining that “the Minister came out with decisions and procedures that disappointed us and thwarted our hopes regarding the integration of our students in their country, but the minister continued after his answers to the scientific committee at the seat of Parliament on 05. 05/2022”

According to them, it is “of a set of unfair decisions towards students who returned to the country in weak psychological conditions”.

The letter, of which MoroccoLatestNews received a copy, added: “Instead of the Minister supporting students, defending their rights and activating plans to prepare the ground through consultation and contact with those concerned, he continued his singularity by making unfair decisions and fleeing forward, and inducing students and their parents to convince themselves that the ministry and the government as a whole had reneged on the promises it had announced on the return from the war”.


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