Transparency condemns Abdellatif Ouahbi's remarks

The latest statements by the Minister of Justice, Abdellatif Ouahbi, have been strongly condemned by Transparency Morocco. Having expressed before Parliament, on April 19, his desire to initiate a bill that would prevent civil society organizations from filing complaints against elected officials suspected of waste and embezzlement of public funds, Abdellatif Ouahbi put himself on the back to civil society, which sees it as a backward step in the fight against corruption and a violation of the principles stipulated in the Constitution.

The Moroccan association for the fight against corruption, Transparency Maroc, deplored the latest statements by the Minister of Justice, Abdellatif Ouahbi, considering them a “new indicator that confirms the government’s lack of political will to fight corruption”.

An indicator that adds to others, explains Transparency in a press release, “which have manifested themselves previously, by the withdrawal of the House of Representatives of the bill which completes and modifies the Penal Code including the criminalization of illicit enrichment followed by the withdrawal of the bill regulating the temporary occupation of the public domain of the state ».

According to the association, the declarations of the Minister of Justice intervene in “a context characterized by widespread systemic corruption in our country and by the freezing of the national anti-corruption strategy”.

They also constitute, according to Transparency Morocco, “a violation of the principles stipulated in the constitution concerning the role of civil society in terms of citizen participation and support for the values ​​of good governance and the fight against corruption and its role in monitoring and evaluating public policies”.

Condemning “initiative » of the Minister, Transparency Morocco considers that his declarations constitute “a flagrant violation of the requirements of international conventions ratified by Morocco, including the United Nations Convention against Corruption”.

Indeed, the association specifies that the United Nations convention, ratified by Morocco, affirms through its article 13 “the participation of non-governmental organizations in preventing and combating corruption, including by raising public awareness of the existence, causes and seriousness of corruption and the danger it represents”.

While condemning and deploring all the statements of the Minister of Justice which “express the indifference of the government towards the problem of the fight against corruption, even the encouragement of its beneficiaries”Transparency Morocco considers Ouahbi’s remarks as a “violation of the principles of rendering accounts and accountability which undermine the efforts undertaken by civil society in the fight against corruption in the face of the indifference of the governmentyou”.

To conclude, Transparency Morocco, as a civil society actor, has confirmed its determination to continue the fight against corruption, in coordination with its partners and to face all statements and attempts to marginalize the role of society. civil society in contributing to the construction of the national integrity system.

It should be recalled that Transparency Morocco and the Moroccan Association for Human Rights had filed a complaint, in December 2021, with the public prosecutor’s office relating to the agreements and contracts concluded by the Ministry of Health during the period of the crisis. health related to Covid-19.

Contracts concluded outside the scope of the law, non-compliance with the rules governing the decree on public contracts and the judicial system. These are the reasons behind the complaint filed in early December 2021 by Transparency Morocco and the AMDH against a number of officials from the department of Khalid Ait Taleb, and even against the minister himself.

A complaint that the prosecution finally “classified” for “lack of evidence”. Lhe two organizations considered this decision as “abnormal“.


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