The towel burns between parents and private schools

As the end of this 2021/*22 school season approaches, the towel is burning between private schools and parents of students. The reason ? Payment of tuition fees for the months of September and July. Some parents paid their children’s school fees in September before the announcement of the postponement of the start of the school year to October, others did not.

For the first case, parents have been informed that the fees paid for September will be carried over to July, as the school year is to be extended by one month. That said, the parents, whose pupils will not have lessons in July (their final exams being scheduled for June) find it “illogical” to pay for a service not rendered and refuse to pay this month. Who is wrong and who is right? Each party believes they are right.

During a meeting held almost a week ago between the Ministry of National Education and private schools, the latter were clear. They leave in the logic» that parents must pay 10 months a year, regardless of the situation.

For their part, the parents of pupils, in particular those of the diploma levels with final exam (Bac, 1ère Bac…), have taken note of the timetables for the exams and know that everything will be completed before the end of June. Indeed, the national bac exam is scheduled for June 20 and the regional one for June 14. “Why will they pay the July fees? they wonder.

Joined in this regard byMoroccoLatestNews UKAli Fanach, affirms that the position of the National Federation of Parents’ Associations of Morocco (FNAPEM) of which he is president is clear with regard to the payment of the fees for the month of July.

We start from the logic that the fees paid equal a service rendered. Given that most classes will not have classes during this month of July in private schools and that classes will be completed, for the most part, in June, we do not see why parents have to payhe says.

However, the question of continuing classes in July does not arise in the private sector, as it does in the public sector which has experienced a series of teacher strikes and interruptions to classes, he said.

“Even the evaluation of the Ministry of National Education shows that lessons in private schools are going well without any interruption. The problem arises in the public who have experienced the interruption of classes for a long period. And the measures taken by the ministry to make up for lost time are to be applauded. If it is necessary for the children to continue their lessons in July, this must be done so as not to spoil their schooling which has been strongly impacted during the covid crisis.“, notes the president of the FNAPEM.

He recalls that this question of payment of tuition fees appeared at the very beginning of the health crisis in Morocco. Ali Fanach underlines that the Federation was constantly in conflict with the private schools which according to him,seek in most cases, the profit more than the interest of the pupilss”.

The social conditions of families and the high cost of living at all levels must be taken into account by school leaders. Above all, that most parents who put their children in these establishments are not necessarily rich. You can find a banking executive, as you can find a taxi driver or a cleaning lady who work hard to provide their child with a quality education.“says Fanach.

Asked about the solution to this “arm wrestling“, the president of the FNAPEM tells us that this problem, already exposed in 2020, made them understand that the solution is in the hands of the parents who have more control over the thing than the federation or the ministry.

Parents go to their children’s school every day, on their own accord, and negotiate with principals for school fees, etc. This means that parents are subject to this game of private schools. This gives them the most control over this issue. They have the opportunity to sit down with the management, discuss and find solutions, knowing that they are aware that the school can impose points that are beyond them. The federation only supports the parents’ approach by denouncing practices, etc.he says.

The problem is likely to arise more acutely at the end of May, because they refuse to pay July, and since they already have a month paid in advance (September), they believe that it should be postponed to June and not not July. A scheme that private establishments even refuse to consider. The standoff will only be more tense!

To be continued…


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