The regional transfusion center launches an awareness campaign

In Morocco, blood transfusion centers are experiencing a serious shortage of blood. In Casablanca, blood donors are scarce, and donations are in sharp decline in this early summer period. The Regional Center for Blood Transfusion in the Casablanca-Settat region has launched several awareness campaigns to remind citizens of the importance of donating blood to save lives.

The Regional Center for Blood Transfusion in the Casablanca-Settat region has begun to coordinate with many civil society associations active in the field, in order to attract blood donors to the center throughout the week, with the aim to make up for the shortcomings that occur during this period of the year.

An official source within the regional blood transfusion centre, who spoke on behalf of its director, who is currently on administrative leave, noted that “ the number of blood donors has decreased on Saturday and Sunday, since people are away for the weekend”.

In a statement to MoroccoLatestNewsthe same source pointed out that “ the stock of blood bags is relatively low during this summer period »calling on citizens to take advantage of the free time they have to donate blood for the benefit of patients in need “.

The same source also pointed out that “ patients flock to the center every day to get blood bags. Therefore, any shortage in the strategic stock threatens their lives, which requires sacrificing a little of one’s time to save people’s lives. “.

The regional blood transfusion center is open all week to receive blood donors. The strategic stock is certainly sufficient for a few days, but we must work to reinforce it every day to avoid serious shortages, given the enormous need of the metropolis for this vital substance, in the sense that it is home to dozens of clinics and of hospitals “, noted our source.

Faced with this blood shortage crisis, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection went online in the major cities of the Kingdom, organizing an awareness campaign at the national level in order to constitute a strategic stock of blood.

According to a press release from Khalid Ait Taleb’s department, this national campaign, which falls within the framework of King Mohammed VI’s directives relating to solidarity, aims to provide 5,000 blood bags throughout the Kingdom in the coming period.

In Rabat, the needs for this vital substance reach approximately 300 bags per day, while the average needs of the cities of Marrakech, Fez and Tangier oscillate between 150 and 200 bags of blood per day, at a time when the economic capital needs to alone 400 blood bags every 24 hours.


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