The inhabitants protest and appeal to the King

In Errachidia, in the commune of Et-Taous, the partial collapse of the exterior wall of a health center caused the death of three little boys aged between 10 and 12, while another 15 was seriously injured. hurt. A tragic incident which angered the inhabitants of this small town in the south of the Kingdom.

The collapse of the wall in question was caused by a strong sandstorm, local authorities said. At the time of the storm, the young schoolchildren of the primary school adjoining the said health center were leaning against the wall before it collapsed.

Following this dramatic incident which occurred last Tuesday, the inhabitants of the commune of Et-Taous, in particular the women, demonstrate to this day in front of the urban health center calling for the opening of an impartial and transparent investigation into the death of his three schoolchildren. They also demand the intervention of the authorities to look into the health situation in the region and to close all the buildings threatening ruin.

During the field visit carried out by MoroccoLatestNews, the inhabitants of the region accompanied us to inspect the many administrative and residential buildings which are in danger of collapsing at any moment, starting with the functional accommodation of the health center of the village, which had many cracks, as well as the dispensary in question.

After this tragic event which claimed the lives of three students and serious injuries to a fourth, still hospitalized at the Errachidia regional hospital, the specter of the collapse of buildings, in particular public establishments, returned to threaten life. of hundreds of inhabitants of the region, according to the testimony of Hassan Ait Lmouden, associative actor.

This painful tragedy must not go unnoticed by anyone involved in the case. There is intentional marginalization and negligence against this border region on the part of officials, knowing that King Mohammed VI has always called on elected officials to be close to the citizens and to take care of them”he told us.

The numerous testimonies of the inhabitants of Et-Taous collected by MoroccoLatestNews report that the construction date of the village health center and its outer wall dates back to 2009, thus 13 years ago, noting that they had filed numerous complaints with officials about cracks in the health facility. health, in the functional accommodations as well as the outer wall, but to no avail. “The result was a disaster. Three innocent school children on their way to school were killed“, say the inhabitants of the village sadly.

A local resident, Hamid Ben Adi, estimated at the microphone of MoroccoLatestNews that the current health center in the village of Et-Taous must be closed, because it represents a real danger for the lives of the inhabitants and the health staff who manage it.

Everyone knows the scale of the danger posed by the collapse of the health center above the heads of the residents, but no one will act until another painful disaster occurs.“, he says.

And to add: The current situation of the two buildings constitutes an *undeniable danger. The Ministry of Health and Social Protection is required to act urgently by dispatching a technical committee to the site to carry out an assessment of the quality of the work in order to protect the population from possible collapses, whether in the center of health or functional housing. “.

After the tragic death of the three schoolchildren, the inhabitants of the village Et-Taous and the surrounding douars decided to prevent their children from going to the primary school located in the center, next to the old college.

We decided to prevent our children from entering primary school, first out of solidarity with the families of the three students who were killed due to flaws in the construction work of the exterior wall of the health centre, then to open an investigation by the central services about this tragedy, and finally because the primary school in turn risks collapsing at any moment“, confides Khadija, one of the inhabitants of the village.

Education officials sent a regional technical committee on Saturday to learn about structural problems threatening primary school, Khadija said. The committee in question assured residents that the school has become a danger to students. National education officials have therefore decided to transfer the students from this primary school to the old college, pending the construction of a new school.

Thus, the inhabitants of Et-Taous asked the Ministry of National Education, Primary Education and Sports (the Regional Academy of Education and Training of Draâ Tafilalet) to intervene in order to protect students from these calamities and to close all educational establishments that threaten the lives of their children and educational staff.

The inhabitants also demanded the opening of an investigation concerning all the buildings which are in danger of collapsing, whether they are health, education or public administration buildings. They also called for control of the works that are carried out by certain companies that seek only profit and do not care much about the citizen who can die in painful calamities “.

No longer having faith in the administrative officials who have not even bothered to travel to the region to offer their condolences to the families, the inhabitants of Et-Taous are calling for royal intervention for the opening of investigation and punishment of all those involved in this tragedy.


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