The "SMAP Immo Paris" back after two years of absence

After two years of absence, thehe 17th edition of the Moroccan Real Estate Fair “SMAP Immo Paris” will be held from June 24 to 26, under the sign of reunion and recovery.

The “SMAP Immo”, which has been working for more than 25 years for the influence of Moroccan real estate outside the Kingdom, is expecting nearly 35,000 visitors this year to discuss the potential for real estate investment in Morocco.

“We are pleased to announce the launch of SMAP Immo 2022 after more than two years of absence due to the Covid-19 pandemic from June 24 to 26, 2022,” the organizers said in a press release.

“As soon as the borders opened last February, we immediately got in touch with our partners to mobilize them for the 2022 season. This year, we will be keen to organize this great meeting between promoters and visitors to the show in the best possible conditions. and build lasting relationships,” they point out.

The destination of Paris for this recovery represents a “perfect conjunction” between the demands of exhibitors and MRE and foreign investors. We are certain that the attendance and the investment decisions reflect this trend,” say the initiators of this event.

In line with the increase in demand for quality from the public, the Paris show will this year inaugurate the Excellence Pavilion, a space dedicated to luxury real estate and which will devote exceptional projects.

In addition, the show will highlight the many opportunities in the sector both in terms of real estate projects and the significant socio-economic development that this event has experienced in recent years.

Cycles of conferences will be on the program in partnership with the FNPI, Moroccan notaries and experts in order to raise awareness among buyers and secure their purchases to enable them to make their decision in full knowledge of the facts and workshops on mortgages with several players in the banking sector.

Like the Moroccan real estate sector in full mutation, and the emergence of an increasingly qualitative demand, the SMAP adapts its exhibitions to a demanding public, with a strategic orientation articulated around upper range residences, intermediate housing and high-end real estate projects, notes the press release.

Capitalizing on the success of previous editions, the SMAP intends to sit there and confirm the growing notoriety of its shows, in particular by planning to deploy engaging and inventive devices to support investment decisions in Moroccan real estate and strengthen the influence international of the Kingdom.

Through an effort of organization and communication sustained over time, the SMAP has become today for 25 years a spokesperson, an invaluable prism of the Kingdom. It is now a recognized and essential platform for meetings between individuals, professionals and other organizations that contribute to the international influence of Morocco, welcome its organizers.

Thanks to its action and its prolonged presence on the international scene, SMAP is now positioned as the undisputed leader in event engineering.


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