The explanations of the government spokesperson

The Moroccan government’s latest decision to cancel the PCR test to access Morocco, without giving any further explanation, has raised questions. Despite the explanations provided a few hours later by the Ministry of Health, some are still struggling to understand what is really going on.

During the press briefing at the end of the weekly meeting of the Government Council, the government spokesman, Mustapha Baitas, was questioned on this point on Thursday 19 May.

The Minister Delegate in charge of Relations with Parliament, Mustapha Baitas assured that the cancellation of the PCR test emanated from a “societal demand that the government studied with precision, not because there was a desire to keep it, but to preserve the epidemiological situation in our country”.

The manager also assured that there is no “no problem with the PCR test, which was one of the mandatory mechanisms to access the national territory” and that today,the health protocol, whether by sea or air, has been unified”. Thus, people wishing to access Morocco are conditioned by the presentation of either a valid vaccination pass OR a negative PCR test of less than 48 hours.

“Today, an individual who has a vaccination pass can easily access Morocco. And in the health protocol published by the Ministry of Health, its data has been detailed very precisely (1st dose, 2nd dose, deadlines, etc.). Explanations were also provided by the MS, concerning the vaccines which are scientifically considered as an alternative to the 1st and 2nd dose of the anti-covid vaccine. For children under 12, they are exempt from the vaccination pass.he added.

With regard to people wishing to access Morocco and who do not have a valid vaccination pass, the government spokesperson assured that the latter have the “possibility of presenting a negative PCR test”.

“Millions of people enter and leave Morocco every day. They can present a negative PCR test when entering our territory and travel in complete peace of mind.he concluded on this point.


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