Stray dogs sow terror in big cities

Stray dogs are terrorizing residents of big cities, after the recent death of many children, which has revived the debate on the danger of these animals.

Some groups have started to launch interactive campaigns with citizens’ complaints, aimed at collecting stray dogs that pose a threat to residential neighborhoods.

There are more than 3 million stray dogs in Morocco, according to unofficial data released by civil society, while data from the Ministry of the Interior indicates that collective health offices have collected more than 140 dogs for the year 2019.

While some are calling for the elimination of stray dogs because of their danger to children, animal associations claim that the methods used remain “primitive” and that modern methods must be adopted to combat the phenomenon.

Bouazza Kharti, president of the Moroccan University for Consumer Protection, said that ” the stray dog ​​dilemma is spreading in cities due to three main factors, the first is the random and limited collection of domestic and semi-domestic waste in cities, which brings stray dogs into the urban orbit and makes them feed on the waste found in the streets”.

Kharti added, in a statement to Hespress, that “The second factor behind the spread of stray dogs in cities is the frequency of their breeding, as they breed twice a year. This dramatically doubles their numbers, in the absence of sterilization campaigns in both urban and rural areas.”

The president of the Moroccan University for Consumer Protection pointed out that “The danger of stray dogs is manifested in their transmission of infectious diseases to humans, especially rabies, which makes them dangerous for citizens in urban and rural areas”.

The civil actor concluded that “all countries in the world have governmental interests in collecting stray dogs according to certain methods, with the exception of Morocco, where the administrative police services responsible for this task are absent“.


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