Royal donation for the benefit of the poor on the occasion of the annual Regraga moussem

A donation from King Mohammed VI, for the benefit of poor households and people with specific needs in the province of Essaouira was handed over on Tuesday by a delegation from the Royal Chamber to the beneficiaries on the occasion of the annual moussem of the brotherhood of Regraga.

The Royal donation was given to 321 beneficiaries, including 190 needy families, 97 people with special needs and 34 visually impaired, during a ceremony, indicates the official agency MAP.

The ceremony was attended by the governor of the province, Adil El Maliki, the president of the provincial council of Oulémas, the moqadem of the chorfas of the Regraga, elected officials, heads of external services, representatives of local authorities and other personalities. civilians and military.

The people on the spot made a vow before God to preserve King Mohammed VI, to grant him long life and prosperity and to guide his steps and to crown with success his tireless actions in the service of the development and progress of the Kingdom, and to fill in the persons of the Crown Prince, Moulay El Hassan, Prince Moulay Rachid and all the members of the Royal family.

Prayers were also raised for the rest of the souls of the late Sovereigns Late Mohammed V and Late Hassan II.

The beneficiaries expressed their gratitude to the King for this gesture which testifies to the constant high benevolence and the particular interest he grants to the underprivileged categories and to the improvement of their living conditions.

The Chorfas and followers of the brotherhood of Regraga began, last Friday, from the Zaouia of Sidi Mhamed Ben Hmida (about 60 km from Essaouira), their annual moussem, a long journey of about forty days and a secular tradition that this brotherhood seeks to perpetuate.

This “circular pilgrimage” (Daour) to the sanctuaries of the seven saints presented as the ancestors of the Regraga, takes place in 44 stages in the territory of the Chiadma area (north of Essaouira). It is spread over 44 days and will end on June 26 in Sidi Ali Ben Maachou under the Caïdat of Chiadma Al Janoubiya.


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