Orientation letter from Abdellatif Hammouchi for the anniversary of the DGSN

The National Security family celebrates, this Monday, May 16, 2022, the 66th anniversary of its creation. On this occasion, Abdellatif Hammouchi, Director General of National Security (DGSN) and Director General of Territorial Surveillance (DGST), in a letter of orientation, paid tribute to the elements of this body who continue to do proof, on a daily basis, of a high sense of commitment and a spirit of sacrifice in the service of the security of the homeland and the citizens.

Every May 16 is a renewed appointment to commemorate the anniversary of the creation of the General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) and an annual celebration to evoke the sacrifices generously made by the first generation of police officers who have contributed to the building and development of this national body “. Indeed, since its creation, this security institution has always been there, through a strategy of proactive actions aimed at dealing with and fighting crime in all its forms.

On May 16, continued Abdellatif Hammouchi “also provides a periodic opportunity to celebrate security achievements and explore agreed projects in the service of Homeland and citizen security. “. Indeed, the Director of the DGSN noting that this commemoration takes place in a context marked by the maintenance in force of the State of health emergency specified that the adhesion of the services of the National Security to the public effort aims to mitigate the incidences and effects of the pandemic, “ which requires us to respect the preventive measures, able to stop the spread of the virus “, he added.

For Abdellatif Hammouchi, the celebration of the creation of the DGSN goes well beyond the dimensions of the commemoration of an anniversary or even the link between a glorious history and a promising future, but constitutes an annual opportunity to carry out a self- evaluation of the achievements made in the service of security issues of the Fatherland and citizens, prospecting projects, meeting challenges and smoothing out constraints. He also made a point of recalling some achievements during the past financial year, specifying that ” the DGSN has taken care to continue the effort to support crime suppression mechanisms and to strengthen the preventive dimension of the emergency police, through the generalization of anti-gang brigades and regional bomb squads at the level of several commands “.

But not only, since the Director General of the DGSN and DGST, Abdellatif Hammouchi also indicated that “The steering and coordination room at the Casablanca police headquarters has also been set up and the police laboratories have been improved so as to put digital sciences and techniques as well as new technologies at the service of justice and criminal investigations “. An upgrade in keeping with its time and the values ​​of the DGSN.

Abdellatif Hammouchi then underlined that the services of the DGSN carried out ” great progress in terms of consecration and consolidation of “digital identity”, which is part of the foundations of the digital transition desired by Morocco, affirming to this effect that “police services have opened up to several institutional partners and workers in the liberal professions, in order to enable them to benefit from the services of the national electronic identity card, which has a positive impact on citizens, whether to establish proof of identity remotely or to guarantee the security of transactions and documents“.

Regarding internal promotion The DGSN has also taken care to make grade advancement a regular mechanism occurring annually on a specific date, in order to guarantee professional promotion on the basis of objective assessment and rating criteria, so as to confirm the competence and the merit as conditions for accessing the security function and having the honor of serving the security of citizens“. underlined the Director of DGSN and DGST. ” It is there “, he continued” just a few examples of what has been achieved and what we are committed to achieving in the near future, whether in terms of developing action mechanisms and modernizing working methods or in terms of promotion of the social situation of civil servants, with a view to guaranteeing them an integrated professional and social climate, capable of enabling them to fulfill their noble missions in an appropriate manner vis-à-vis the Fatherland and the citizen “.

On the other hand and more importantly, the Director General of the DGSN asserted that ” the moralization of the security institution is not a simple slogan of circumstance, and is not translated into isolated measures and initiatives, but is well and truly set up as a mode of sustainable governance and an immutable and systematic institutional choice, in close correlation with the strong will of the State to link responsibility with accountability and to end all crimes of financial corruption “.

Therefore, the DGSN undertakes, with unbreakable determination, to ” pursue audit, verification and investigation measures on all possible irregularities, and on all denunciations relating to financial corruption”he assured, noting that “the DGSN is convinced that governance, moralization and the correlation between responsibility and accountability are the most effective way and the best way to develop the public service of the police and give it the capacity to meet the accelerated security challenges”.

After having highlighted the link between the action of the DGSN and that of the institutions guaranteeing the rights and freedoms of citizens, after the legislator had conferred on its officials new prerogatives governing several freedoms within the framework of the Abdellatif Hammouchi law indicated that “General Management has ensured that its measures are protected by a series of formalities and guarantees in addition to those provided for by law in order to ensure that they are implemented within the framework of the law and far from any abuse“.

The Director General of the DGSN and DGST added in this regard that “the consecration of the culture of human rights within the security function was not limited only to “the humanization of the preventive measures provided for by law”, but also through the training of police officers and the education in human rights, so that the members of this body can appropriate this culture of serving the citizen and applying the law in a healthy and rigorous manner without breaches or excesses“. He noted in this regard that “the DGSN remains very attached to defending police officers and to activating the mechanisms of the principle of protection of the State, against all the physical and verbal attacks they suffer during the exercise of their functions, provided that their interventions are within the scope of what is permitted by law“.

Abdellatif Hammouchi called on all security officials, whether at central or regional level, to ensure the functions of supervision, supervision, orientation and recovery, and to open the channels of communication with the agents working under their hierarchical authority in order to help them overcome all the problems and challenges related to the exercise of their function.

Projecting itself towards ambitious perspectives Abdellatif Hammouchi affirmed that the DGSN aspires to implement a number of structuring projects with a multitude of objectives and purposes. “These projects aim to develop the IT infrastructure of security services, modernize criminal investigation mechanisms and improve police training, which will be reflected in the efficiency and quality of security provision. provided to citizens. “The National Security services rely on its human resources and their skills to implement these ambitious projects and plans, given that the qualified human element in terms of knowledge and practices and well supervised by the direct hierarchy remains the cornerstone of any policy related to public security,” added the Director General of National Security.

On the other hand, he said, the DGSN is working to develop and diversify its communication approaches, and to strengthen its openness to the societal, institutional and public service environment, because aware that communication is a prelude essential to enshrine transparency and strengthen citizen policing. It is also a solid pillar for informing and dispelling fake news and rumors, which have now become a serious threat and part of the challenges arising from the new generations of unconventional warfare. Finally, he reiterated his thanks and his consideration to all the members of the DGSN.


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