OCP invests in a fertilizer company in Spain

The OCP Group is going to do joint “win-win” action with Spain for the production and marketing of organic fertilizers and research and development in this field.

The Moroccan government has given its agreement to the OCP Group to create a joint venture in Spain, for the production and marketing of organic fertilizers, and research and development in this vital area.

Approval came about through a decree published in the Official Journal no. 7093, allowing the Group to create the company Fertinagro OCP Organic Biosolutions, in equal shares with the company Fertinagro Biotech SL, in which the Group holds 20% of the capital.

The company will be created in the form of a public limited company with a board of directors, with a capital of 25 million euros, or the equivalent of 270 million dirhams.

The company should follow the development of the organic fertilizer market, diversify its product range with new fertilizers with high added value and provide fertilization solutions based on Fertinagro’s experience in the sector.

The company’s project will be financed by loans of around 60% of the estimated value, with shareholders’ own resources to complete the remaining 40%.

The company’s planned business plan expects its revenue to grow from around €4.4 million at the start to around €98.4 million by 2029, an average annual growth of 47%.

Morocco is among the top five fertilizer exporters in the world, thanks to its massive production capacity and international reach, in addition to its leading phosphate reserves.

Global demand for Moroccan phosphate has increased in light of the fallout from the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, after Russian exports of the substance were affected by Western sanctions.


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