Morocco organizes the first speed reading and mind mapping championship in Africa

Morocco organizes the first speed reading and mind mapping championship in Africa. This first edition will be held on May 28 and 29 at the media library of the Hassan II foundation in Casablanca.

This event is the result of a partnership between the Moroccan Brain Sports Association (AMSC), the Association for Learning and Brains (APAC) and the foundation of the Hassan II mosque in Casablanca with the aim of enabling Moroccans to be part of teams in international speed reading and mind mapping competitions, and benefit from a multitude of training sessions with a group of experts specializing in brain sports.

Paving the way for the world championship

Supported by the GOMSA (Guild Of Mind Sports Arbiters), this championship invites participants to explore the infinite and unsuspected capacities of the brain, and to challenge essential skills including concentration, memorization, and other learning techniques.

Speed ​​reading and mind mapping revolutionize the codes of memorization and learning, stimulate the brain and challenge its usual abilities for effective and efficient reading. They can read up to 1000 words in one minute with an information retention rate that exceeds 80%.

Speed ​​Reading is a technique that accelerates reading speed without impacting comprehension or memorization. It mainly aims to educate the gaze and limit subvocalization, that is to say the mental reading of words.

With regard to Mind Mapping or Heuristic Map, it is a diagram which responds to the functioning of our functioning and which makes it possible to visually represent and follow the path of thought.

For Majda Brabije, president of the CSIA, “these two brain-related sports have their national and international championships every year”.

“We are very proud to organize this event for the first time in Morocco and in Africa. This first edition coincides with the world championships”, she rejoices.

Morocco, a country with high potential

This edition is special in its genre, since it will be organized in glocal, that is to say in a global way thanks to the web dimension.

“We would like to both attract participants from all over the world and offer them the opportunity to participate wherever they are based, and at the same time organize the effective meeting of enthusiasts of brain sports”, specifies Nicolas Lisiak, President from APAC.

The president of the AMSC, also crowned African champion and 9th world of the 2021 edition, specifies: “Our mission today is to connect people to their true potential and show them the best practices to improve their cognitive performance. . With this first edition we want Morocco to be able to take the plunge and create its own championships which coincide with the world championships this year”.


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