Morocco and Israel can develop innovative solutions for peace

Morocco and Israel can together develop innovative solutions, especially in the field of technology, that will improve lives, livelihoods and quality of life, and promote progress and peace throughout the Middle East, Africa and beyond, Israeli President Isaac Herzog said Monday.

Speaking in a video recorded on the occasion of the inaugural ceremony of the “Morocco-Israel: Connect to Innovate” Forum, launched Monday in Casablanca, the Israeli Head of State highlighted the ties of cooperation between the two peoples which date of several centuries. He also affirmed his recognition of the central role of Israelis of Moroccan origin in the development of the State of Israel and the contribution of the Moroccan Jewish community to the history of the Kingdom of Morocco.

“I imagined a 10-year-old child, somewhere in the Muslim world, observing how Morocco and Israel can think, build and create together; he will see peace as a reality and a real alternative of coexistence in the Middle East”said Isaac Herzog about the cooperation between the two countries, expressing his “deepest respect” to His Majesty King Mohammed VI and thanking him for his commitment to the peaceful and friendly relations between the two nations.

“The potential for cooperation between Morocco and Israel is immense. We are two countries sitting at the crossroads of continents and cultures on the shores of the Mediterranean. We both cherish tolerance and dialogue between people of different faiths and backgrounds, and we both have deep respect for our ancient traditions with reciprocal commitment to science and technology”added the Israeli president.

Isaac Herzog also pointed out that through partnerships and win-win cooperation, the two countries can create a new reality in food security, technology and medical care, expand the circle of world peace, and build lasting stability and a prosperous future for our children and the entire North African region.

Initiated jointly by Start-Up Nation Central and Consensus Public Relations, this Forum is intended to be a unique event bringing together Moroccan and Israeli leaders, from the private and public sectors, around the theme of technological innovation in the fields of agri-food. , water, logistics, energy and sustainable development.

The inaugural ceremony was marked by the conclusion of 13 Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) relating to the development of innovative solutions, which were signed by the Moroccan and Israeli parties to strengthen business to business (B2B) activities between the economic and commercial operators of both countries and those that unite government entities.

The event with the participation of the King’s Counselor, André Azoulay, the Minister of Digital Transition and Administrative Reform, Ghita Mezzour, the Minister of Industry and Trade, Ryad Mezzour and the Minister of Transport and logistics, Mohamed Abdeljalil.

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