Moroccan Wadia Ait Hamza at the head of the prestigious network of Young Global Leaders

On the eve of the opening of Davos, the World Economic Forum appointed Moroccan Wadia Ait Hamza as head of the prestigious network of Young Global Leaders.

From June 2022, Wadia Ait Hamza will succeed Mariah Levin as head of the Forum of Young Global Leaders (YGL). Created in 2004, the latter is considered as “the world’s most exclusive private network whose members are the voice of the future and the hopes of the next generation”. To date, it has 1,400 members, including Nobel laureates, heads of state, heads of large multinationals and leading global figures such as Emmanuel Macron, Jack Ma, Elon Musk, Mark Zukerberg , Amel Clooney, Jacinda Ardern…

The network has about ten Moroccans including Mbarka Bouaida, President of the Guelmin Oued Noun Region, Khadija Idrissi Janati, Founder and General Manager of Tea and Koffee as well as Founder and President of IFRANE FORUM, Sanae Lahlou, Country Representative of the UNIDO in Morocco, Abdelmalek Alaoui, Chief Executive Officer, Guepard Group and President of the Moroccan Institute for Strategic Intelligence (IMIS), Mohamed Alami Berrada, Vice-President, Yasmine Group and Leadership Associate of the Moroccan Leadership Institute, Ismail Douiri, Managing Director of Attijariwafa Bank and Mustapha Mokass, CEO of Atlas Partners and CEO at Climate Finance Advisory.

It is the first time in the history of this organization to see a Moroccan propelled to a position of great responsibility. The consecration of Wadia Ait Hamza at the head of this select and influential organization testifies to the high consideration of her career.

Completing her 9th year with the WEF, Wadia Ait Hamza currently leads, from Geneva, the community of Global Shapers at the WEF, which has more than 14,000 members. Under his leadership, this community has grown to 500 cities with local projects benefiting 2 million people and impacting over 11 million people.

Wadia Ait Hamza has dedicated her career to youth issues. This former United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Fellow and Emerging Leader of the Atlantic Dialogues, believes that “the success of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development depends on the empowerment of young people because they are at the heart of the search for solutions, the policymaking and sustainable change. »

During her twenty years of experience in international cooperation and development, Ait Hamza has worked on the intersection between youth development, civic engagement and the Sustainable Development Goals. He has helped establish multi-stakeholder collaborations on climate and environment, digital inclusion, education and skills, mental health and possible responses to Covid-19.

A specialist in issues such as leadership and international cooperation, he combines dialogue and impactful actions to face the most pressing challenges of our time and intends to pursue his commitments by leading the forum of Young Global leaders. About his appointment, he has these words: “I am delighted to have the opportunity to lead this community of responsible leaders who have the courage, the commitment and the passion to drive meaningful social change in the world”.


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