Local production up 4.1% in the 1st quarter

Local electricity production increased by 4.1% in the first quarter of 2022, against an increase of 0.8% a year earlier, according to the Treasury and External Finance Department (DTFE).

This development is explained, in particular, by the 19.9% ​​increase in the production of renewable energies registered under Law 13-09 and 34.4% in the production of the National Electricity Office and drinking water (ONEE) partially mitigated by the 4.6% decline in concessional production, underlines the DTFE in its recent economic report.

For its part, the balance of energy exchanges (Spain – Algeria) stood at -35 Gwh, covering a 5.6% drop in exports and a 53% increase in imports, noted Management, noting that net energy demand recorded an increase of 4.9% at the end of March 2022, against virtual stagnation a year earlier.

In addition, electricity consumption increased by 2.2% after stagnating a year earlier. This increase is due to improvements in medium voltage electricity consumption (+7.8%), residential consumption (+1.7%) and utility consumption (+0.9%).

On the other hand, electricity consumption at very high voltage and high voltage showed a decrease of 4.5%, the same source said.


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