July tuition fees continue to be controversial

The controversy over the payment of July fees for private educational institutions continues. Although studies and exams actually end at the end of June, the owners of private schools insist that these fees be collected, considering that it is a contract and a commitment between these structures and the parents. of pupils, relating to the payment of ten months.

In this context, Abdeslam Ammor, president of the Alliance of private education in Morocco, considered that the case is linked to “a contract between the school and the family, obliging the first to provide the school program decided and delivered by the ministry and to collect tuition fees for one year over 10 months”.

For Ammor, the current controversy “results from the absence of a clear and transparent contract which defines the obligations and duties of each party”.

In this sense, he indicated that it will be carried out ” to the examination and the installation of an internal regulation which will define the obligations and the duties of each one, that it is about the family, the school or the student. The financial aspects will have to be part of this contract”.

“The private establishment has made a commitment to human resources and its employees to pay 12 months’ salary, and it receives 10 months”, said the president of the Alliance of private education in Morocco, also noting that private establishments will not be closed before July 20, because there are exams, corrections and deliberations, which are all part of the process educational, and therefore, he noted, “ employees will not take vacation until all these tasks are completed”.

And to add that “the default will affect a large part of the employees and workers of these institutions”and so “in this case, there will be a great possibility that a certain number of establishments will not pay their employees, and it is unfair to these people who work day and night and make a big effort”.

Recalling last September’s meeting with the former supervising minister, Ammor indicates that those in charge of private establishments “were informed of the postponement decision and how the school is meeting its obligations to the family and the student, and the agreement was to extend the school year until July”

” This agreementhe notes, aims to ensure that the private establishment meets its obligations for 34 weeks of study”.

The Ministry of National Education, Primary Education and Sports previously revealed the calendars of continuous assessments and diploma tests for the current school year, specifying that continuous assessments will take place at all levels of the primary education on a regular basis in accordance with the notes issued in this regard, in the sense that the last test is scheduled between June 27 and July 2, 2022.


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