Here are the conditions to enter Sebta and Melilla

A few hours before the reopening of the borders of Sebta and Melilla, the government delegation of the city of Melilla announced that Morocco has demanded several measures for the restoration of the passage of goods and people.

Two years after the closure of the land borders between Morocco and the cities of Melilla and Sebta, the flow of goods and people will restart on Monday at midnight and will gradually resume between two territories thereafter.

The days were counted among the Spanish neighbors, who counted exactly 785 days of closure which was synonymous with deep economic crisis given that the economy of the two cities was mainly oriented towards Morocco.

On Monday, Sabrina Moh, the government delegate in Melilla, announced at a press conference that among Morocco’s requirements to consent to the reopening of crossing points included the stamping of passports and health checks, reports the Spanish agency. Efe.

Thus, anyone wishing to go from or to Melilla for example, will have to provide a negative covid PCR test less than 72 hours old or a health pass with at least 2 doses of vaccine. For the moment, no new measures have been announced as part of the reopening of crossing points.

The reopening of the crossing points between the two territories comes after two years of health crisis linked to the epidemiological situation due to the coronavirus, but also to a diplomatic crisis between Rabat and Madrid which will have lasted 10 months, following the illegal reception of the Separatist militia leader Brahim Ghali in Spain and behind Morocco.

The two countries nevertheless reestablished their relations after several months of talks which made it possible to agree on a cooperation agreement which should bring the Moroccan-Spanish relationship towards a new era.

The announcement of the reopening of the two Spanish enclaves was announced last Wednesday on the sidelines of the trip by the head of Spanish diplomacy José Manuel Albares to Marrakech for the meeting of the International Coalition to fight against the jihadist organization Islamic State.

For its part, Spain demanded the return of commercial customs in Melilla, closed since August 2018, and the implementation for the first time of such a measure for the city of Sebta.


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