Fees for pilgrims set at 63,800 DH

Hajj fees for pilgrims supervised by the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs have been set at 63,800 dirhams, pocket money not included, according to the ministry.

Persons meeting the required conditions (2019 draw, age and vaccination) must pay the fees in a single payment to one of the Al Barid-Bank branches within a fixed period between Monday morning May 30 and Friday afternoon 03 June, added the same source.

The time and place of payment are valid both for pilgrims supervised by the ministry and for those supervised by travel agencies, the ministry said.

Anyone presenting themselves to pay the fees at the Al Barid-Bank branches must have the national identity card and the anti-Covid vaccination certificate (a single dose for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine or two doses for the one of the other vaccines), underlined the same source.

This announcement comes following information provided on Sunday by the parties in charge of the Haj in Saudi Arabia concerning the costs of basic and additional services, and in accordance with the recommendations of the Royal Commission in charge of the pilgrimage, which met on May 10.


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