Double bites towards ratification

Last January an agreement on the employment and stay of Moroccan workers in Portugal was signed between Morocco and Portugal. It was part of the dynamic of modernizing the instruments of partnership between the two countries. A few months later, the two countries announced the acceleration of their work to ratify this agreement.

The agreement, Dame Covid obliges, had been initialed after a meeting by videoconference between the Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans Living Abroad, Nasser Bourita and the Minister of State and Foreign Affairs of Portugal, Augusto Santos Silva.

Since then, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge and four months later it seems to be materializing, at least, if we stick to the press release on the joint statement by the Minister for Economic Inclusion, business, employment and skills, Younes Sekkouri, and the Secretary of State for Labor of Portugal, Miguel Fontes, on the sidelines of the work of the 5and UfM ministerial meeting on employment and labour, which took place in Marrakech on 17 and 18 May.

Indeed, a multisectoral working group will be created to accelerate the work for the ratification of this agreement. The group will be composed of members of the relevant government departments, the Institute of Employment and Vocational Training of Portugal and ANAPEC, and will meet regularly until the ratification of the mobility agreement.

“Pilot projects will be developed, the result of joint work, with the aim not only of giving companies that need workers more employment opportunities but also of guaranteeing that the process will be carried out under dignified and legal conditions. », according to the document.

It is also recalled that as part of the implementation of the Global Compact on Migration, adopted in Marrakech in December 2018 by the UN, Morocco and Portugal have decided to set up a legal and regulated migration channel in signing a historic agreement on the employment and residence of Moroccan workers in Portugal.

This agreement defines the procedures for the admission of Moroccan workers to Portuguese territory, for the exercise of a salaried professional activity, thus establishing a robust and secure legal framework for the recruitment, hiring and admission of Moroccan citizens. .

The signing of the mobility agreement is the result of a multi-sector coordination effort in the two countries, it is still announced. The time of its ratification, strong is the wish to accelerate the cooperation between the services concerned and to carry out actions to prepare the implementation of the agreement “, also underlines the joint declaration of the Minister of Employment, Younes Sekkouri and the Portuguese Secretary of State for Labour, Miguel Fontes.

In other words, the agreement aims to meet the growing demand of Moroccan workers by defining the admission and residence procedures applicable to Moroccan citizens for the exercise of a professional activity in Portugal, and by strengthening cooperation between the two countries in the field of the management of regular migratory flows.


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