Crazy rise in fuel prices and no shadow of an upturn on the horizon

Fuel prices at the pump are constantly rising in Morocco. After several weeks marked by bad news, not the shadow of a semblance of improvement, however slight it may be. On the contrary, and as the pop expression sung here would say, it’s only the beginning “or mazal mazal“.

The liter of gasoline will cost from this Tuesday, May 17, 2022, to whoever intends to drive with it and not too far, now between 15.35 and more, as soon as one moves away from Mohammedia (Cheapest ref at the pump), an increase of around 1.05 dirhams while the price of diesel has also risen to 14.50 dirhams and more, for an increase of around 25 cents. Brands have not yet reflected this increase on their bulletin board, but never mind, they should soon be in line. With these prices soaring and appealing to others, some agree that there will be no drop for several months.

Also, concerns about purchasing power, and in particular the question of fuel prices, will remain firmly rooted in the minds of motorists and other service station customers. The latter fear that with the current context, it will go from bad to worse, it is the same price at the sign. To explain the situation, it’s always the same refrain. We are happy to recover from it and as always internationally, ” world demand for oil has exploded, OPEC producing countries are not opening the floodgates any further, on the markets, the price of Brent remains at a high level, the dollar is soaring against the dirham… “. In the meantime, it is the “ordinary” citizens, oh sweet euphemism, who first suffer the consequences and as an “energy crisis” normally lasts for years, it is not tomorrow the day before that we should see a semblance of calm, because the trend is towards an obvious “Marcel heater”.

Indeed, if the increases in the various forms of fuel are bad news and everyone suffers the consequences, the most affected in the case are individuals, cows to be milked par excellence and to whom no one in these times tough don’t think. This category of truck owners of a “little car” considered by the vox populi de affluent, wrongly moreover, is an endangered species and it is above all the section of society that is the most bled at white by “who it may concern”. In Morocco, daily diesel consumption is 20 million litres. We leave it to you to calculate from this equation with several unknowns, the substantial profits and dividends from the purchase price of the product and everything that goes with it to bring it to a successful conclusion. We will in no way hide the TIC (Internal Consumption Tax), the VAT – do you have to define it? -, distributor and retailer margin fees…before the drop of fuel lands in your tank and quickly evaporates.

Small consolation, and still the discontent remains in order, the professionals, although relatively, benefited from an initial exceptional support (345 million dirhams), “to cope with the rise in fuel prices” announced the Minister Delegate in charge of Relations with Parliament, government spokesperson, Mustapha Baitas who at the last Council of the Government had made the promise to renew another additional. In France just to say and albeit symbolically, the government has introduced a discount of 18 cents at the pump until the summer and the executive would like to extend this aid until the end of the year. This is not even a fortnight fuel increase in our service stations. Do not we say that it is the gesture that counts and especially when the pockets are empty and those of a large part of Moroccans are unfortunately.


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