Consequent increase in the prices of bottles of mineral and sparkling water

This Thursday, May 26, Moroccans woke up to an almost general increase in the selling price of bottles of mineral and sparkling water. Ain Saiss, for example, which cost 5 DH/1.5 L, increased by one dirham per bottle. Oulmès Mineral Waters also increased the price of some of their mineral and sparkling water products.

According to a well-informed source within the company “ Mineral waters of Oulmès» who confided in MoroccoLatestNews UKthis price increase is due to the global context marked by the general increase in the price of transport and raw materials.

The suppliers from whom we buy the raw materials, whether in Morocco or abroad, have all increased their prices. In addition, the transport of its raw materials that we import has increased in addition to the addition of new taxes. The raw materials we use and which have seen increases are related to packaging (plastic, plastic caps, labels, etc.) that go into the design of the water bottle. There is also the increase in fuels. So the cost of transporting goods also increased », Explains our source. “All of its increases have pushed us to increase the price of the bottle of mineral and sparkling water“, she added.

The products that have seen an increase from the company “Eaux minerales d’Oulmès” are top-of-the-range products, our source tells us, before assuring us that for the moment, no increase has been made on the plastic bottle of Sidi Ali 1.5 L or 2 L.

The products that have seen an increase are high-end products, namely Sidi Ali glass bottles (75 cl) which have gone from 8 dh per bottle to 8.40 dh (+ 0.40 cents) or even the bottle in Oulmès glass (9 dhs against 9.50 dh/75 cl). We have also increased the price of the 25 cl disposable glass bottle of Oulmès a little, since the packaging has changed. We went from a disposable cup to a non-returnable cup. Ain Aitlas of 5 liters has also increased by one dirham”explains our source.

While recalling that the national and international context of rising fuel and raw material prices pushed the company to make its increases, our source concludes: “We have already experienced the boycott in 2018 so we know what the anger of the people is. But this time, and given the general rise in prices at national and international level, we were forced to increase our prices,” he concluded.

For the increase of one dirham which was operated on the one and a half liter bottle of Ain Saiss,MoroccoLatestNews UKtried several times to reach the company in charge “sotherma“, but in vain.


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