CMR: Affiliation to the "Attakmili" regime up 140% in 2021

The “Attakmili” supplementary pension scheme managed by the Moroccan Pension Fund (CMR) has significantly expanded its affiliate base in 2021.

The Fund also informs that the number of affiliates has indeed increased by approximately 140%, in particular following the conclusion of agreements with departments, foundations and associations of relevant social works of certain ministerial departments and public establishments allowing staff of these organizations to join the scheme by means of collective contracts.

This plan set up in 2006 achieved a rate of return of 6.57% for the year 2021, notes the Caisse, recalling that the savings constituted by the affiliate are revalued according to an annual rate of return.

And to explain that this rate is calculated on the basis of the financial returns resulting from the financial investments, specifying that the plan allows the affiliates to benefit from “high rate of return compared to the complementary retirement products available on the national market”.

The CMR recalls in this sense that “Attakmili” offers several tax incentives whether for the subscription or the restitution of rights.

Thus, the affiliate benefits, in respect of his contributions, from the tax deduction at source (provided he has reached fifty years of age and after 8 years of contribution or retirement). The withdrawals made, whether monthly or in the form of exceptional payments, are exempt from income tax within the limit: of 50% of his taxable net salary regularly collected, or of 10% of all his income overall taxable.

Also, during the restitution of the rights, the person concerned benefits from a tax reduction of the amount of the rights constituted at the time of retirement, in accordance with the provisions of the general tax code, continue the CMR.

Note that to benefit from this product, the interested party can choose the amount of the contribution (from 50 DH) and modify it upwards or downwards at their convenience. He can also make exceptional payments from 1,000 DH.


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