BAM publishes a guide for better use of credit cards

The credit card has become an essential means of payment in our daily lives. Whether for withdrawing money, shopping, shopping or online purchases, the card has established itself over the years as a fast and efficient means of payment to which merchants are increasingly resorting in Morocco in due to high demand. But you still have to be vigilant when using it or sharing bank data that can lead to scams.

Concerned about the protection of bank customers and the security of means of payment, Bank Al-Maghrib has put in place a guide available to users of the bank card for healthy and safe use.

While explaining in its guide what is a bank card, what are the types of bank cards, Bank Al-Maghrib also explains the different use cases of the bank card (withdrawal operations and functions) or even payment to merchants.

In this last part, BAM explains that the customer can either insert his card into the TPE and enter his 4-digit confidential code there, to carry out the transaction object of his purchase, or, in the case of the contactless bank card, ask his card on the TPE screen without entering a code.

Furthermore, BAM advises CB users to always have their bank card to hand and never take their eyes off it throughout the operation. He also recommends not giving the card to the seller in order to avoid the risk of copying the card and to always check the amount displayed by the payment terminal (TPE) before validating the transaction.

When entering your 4-digit confidential code, you must always do so away from prying eyes BAM advice and keep the payment receipts and the invoice to facilitate the verification of bank statements and report any anomalies. For contactless payment transactions, BAM specifies that they are capped for each purchase, but some banks offer their customers the possibility of activating/deactivating the functionality to manage the limits through their banking applications.

Online shopping and payment

Thus coming to online purchases and payments. The bank card allows you to make purchases and/or pay bills online on e-commerce sites, via connected devices, such as smartphones or computers.

To carry out the transaction, the buyer must enter the number of his bank card, the expiry date and the three-digit cryptogram which is on the back of the card. Additional security measures are usually required (entering a code received by SMS, etc.), BAM advice.

Its measures consist of protecting its equipment, computer or mobile, by installing an antivirus and activating security updates while ensuring of course the seriousness of the merchant.

You should also check that you are on the right site by entering the site address yourself on the navigation bar, instead of clicking on a link received by email. Be sure to read the general conditions of sale carefully before accepting them, recommends BAM while checking that the merchant’s site is secure (Internet address starting with “https” and lock or security padlock, at the bottom of the window).

The BAM advises not to buy through a telephone or a computer whose level of security is not mastered and above all not to store your bank card number in your computer, nor send your confidential information by email.

It is also necessary to ensure that the order is registered following receipt of an email by the merchant and to carefully check his bank statements and report any possible anomaly. If you have access to your online bank account, BAM recommends using the disconnect button to permanently close your browsing and thus limit the risk of your personal data being infiltrated As a precaution, do not give your card number by email or by phone, insists BAM.

Loss or theft of credit card

In the event of loss or theft of the credit card, BAM recommends immediately contacting the call center of the issuing establishment in order to block your bank card. This operation makes it possible to immediately block all payment requests requiring a prior authorization request.

Some banks offer the possibility of making the opposition via the mobile application, underlines BAM who advises to contact your adviser at your banking or payment establishment.

You must also make a declaration of loss or theft to the police authorities and confirm your opposition with your agency in writing whatever the medium of this writing, and support this opposition by the declaration of loss or theft. Once your opposition has been registered, your card becomes unusable and your bank will order a new card for you following a new contract.

You will then receive a new confidential code, explains BAM. If you find your card after the opposition, give it to your bank or make sure it is destroyed since the opposition is final, precise BAM.

Credit card fraud incident

Regarding the detection of a fraudulent incident on the credit card, BAM specifies that only a regular consultation of the bank account can make it possible to detect fraudulent use.

It is therefore recommended by BAM to regularly note the date and the exact amount of the transaction, check the amount debited following the transactions on its banking application, check the details of the payment confirmation emails and ensure that the day of the telephone number with your agency for receiving notifications.

If you identify an anomaly in your account, BAM insists on filing a complaint as soon as possible with your bank or payment institution.

If, moreover, you suspect dubious operations linked to the theft of your identity or your card, BAM indicates that you must file a complaint with the police station or the gendarmerie, immediately inform your establishment via any available means, of the disputed transaction and make opposition on the bank card to avoid any possible transaction.


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