An FGD municipal councilor physically assaulted by the "sand mafia"

The municipal councilor of the Federation of the Democratic Left (FGD) in Larache, Mounir Boumeloui, was physically attacked by an individual with a background and linked to the “sand mafia“.

In blatant disregard of all legal standards and moral values, the FGD municipal councilor in Larache, Mounir Boumeloui was the target “of an attempted physical liquidation and murder with a knife“, said the FGD in a press release.

The attack, which resulted in deep and serious injuries to the councilor as well as a renewable disability of more than 40 days, was committed by a “individual who already has a background and is affiliated with corrupt parties whose identity and background is known and linked to the sand looting mafia“, specifies the same source.

While recalling that Mounir Boumeloui is paying the bill for his sincerity and loyalty to the principles and values ​​of the Federation which cares about the concerns and aspirations of the people, the Federation strongly condemned this “criminal attack of which the adviser was the victim in the fulfillment of his duty to fight ranging from the principle of the exercise of his responsibilities as an adviser in the regionexpressing his solidarity and support for Mounir Boumeloui.

The Federation has thus placed the responsibility of “the safety of the adviser and his family in the hands of the competent security and judicial authorities», demand the opening of a rapid investigation for «punish the perpetrator of this crime and the parties behind him, in addition to investigating all blackmail, threats and attacks that the councilor has been subjected to to undermine his resolve“.

Likewise, the Federation of the Democratic Left has warned of what things could lead to if corruptors and sinners persist in their criminal acts, both in word and in practice, thus reserving the right to legal action and take all organizational measures and forms of struggle against all those who incite and insult the militants of the FGD, in particular the adviser Mounir.

Larache, victim of an unprecedented looting of sand

The aggression of the FGD municipal councilor, Mounir Boumeloui, has brought back to the table the heavy file of looting and illegal sand trafficking that the coast of the province of Larache is experiencing.

In February 2021, the circulation on social networks of information concerning the looting of sea sand on the backs of animals at the level of the coast of the Province of Larache (Caïdat de Louamera), caused the Ministry of Equipment, Transport, Logistics and Water.

An inspection visit was carried out on the spot by a central commission coming under the said ministry, which took note of the mode of conduct of the quarry management operation in the region.

The control operations led to the observation of a number of infractions, which were the subject of official reports and whose perpetrators were prosecuted, the ministry had then indicated in a press release, noting that 32 cases are in court, in addition to the seizure and confiscation of a number of trucks, motorcycles and other towable equipment.

That said, this operation carried out by the services of the Ministry of Equipment did not prevent the “sand mafiato continue its activity, sometimes with the complicity of the authorities and senior officials.

In Morocco, nearly a dozen million cubic meters of sand per year are extracted illegally in coastal areas, and which are generally intended for construction. A phenomenon that transforms our attractive coastal landscapes into rocky landscapes in addition to the threat that this illegal activity represents on our ecosystem.


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