ADII seizures in 2021

Customs seizures have increased by +405% since the entry into force of the law prohibiting the manufacture and marketing of plastic bags. In 2021, Moroccan customs seized more than 280 tons of contraband plastic bags, the penetration rate of contraband cigarettes on the national market stood at 1.91%.

According to the latest activity report of the Administration of Customs and Indirect Taxes (ADII), Moroccan customs seized 280 tons of contraband bags in 2021 against 56 tons in 2020.

This exponential evolution of seizures is explained by the entry into force of Law 7-18, modifying and supplementing Law 77-15 which relates to the prohibition of the manufacture, import, export, marketing and the use of plastic bags.

This is an increase of 405% since the entry into force of the law which also made it possible to discover several clandestine manufacturing workshops, where various machines and supplies for the production of prohibited plastic bags were confiscated.

Moroccan customs regularly seize illegal, counterfeit or unfit for consumption products, as well as unusual goods.

In 2021, customs intercepted a shipment of 200 kg of archaeological bones, consisting of jaws, vertebrae, ribs and femurs of vertebrates, said the Customs and Indirect Tax Administration (ADII).

“580 kg of undeclared fossils were also seized”, she specified in her 2021 activity report, specifying that these are original trilobites welded on pieces of rock, original ammonites as well as ‘part of the skeleton and a vertebral column of MOSASAUR.

Protected species (fauna or flora) also remain highly prized by traffickers, notes the same source, which notes that 1,700 kg of prohibited sea urchin eggs, 12 anesthetized live falcons and two leopard skins were discovered by the services. customs

And to underline that within the framework of the mission of protection of the environment and the national heritage which is devolved to it, the customs is fully mobilized in the fight against the international traffic of stolen objects of the cultural heritage and the species of flora and wildlife threatened with extinction.

In addition, the penetration rate of contraband cigarettes on the national market stood at 1.91% in 2021, against 1.37% a year earlier, the ADII reported.

“The results of the 8th study on the prevalence of contraband cigarettes revealed that the penetration rate in the national market stood at 1.91% in 2021 compared to 1.37% in 2020”, it is indicated in the report.

This slight upsurge would be induced by the recent increases in the price of packs of cigarettes sold by tobacconists.

The stabilization of this rate (less than 2%) for the second consecutive year is the result of the mobilization of customs alongside the Police, the Royal Gendarmerie, the Royal Armed Forces and the Auxiliary Forces as well as the economic operators concerned to thwart this scourge and its harmful repercussions on the health of consumers.

In addition, in terms of customs revenues, the ADII announced that they will be increased in 2021 to reach an increase of 5.4 billion dirhams, or more than 21% compared to the achievements of 2020.

Receipts relating to adjustments following the value control constitute the main source of these receipts up to 75%, it is indicated, while the receipts generated following the a posteriori control (CAP) reached 837 million dirhams (MDH), representing 15.51% of additional revenue, recording an increase of 190% compared to 2020.

And, the immediate control outside value control generated 415 MDH in revenue, or +7.71%, an increase of 184% compared to 2020.

As a reminder, the context of the closure of Moroccan borders due to the coronavirus pandemic had a strong impact on revenue related to traveler screening, which continued its downward trend for the 2nd consecutive year to settle at 49 MDH, down from 21% compared to 2020 and 64% compared to 2019.


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