In its fight against fake news, Youtube removes more than a million videos on the coronavirus

As part of YouTube’s measures to tackle disinformation, the video platform has removed around 10 million videos per quarter, the company’s product manager said.

As of February 2020, YouTube has removed more than a million videos related to dangerous coronavirus information, such as bogus medicine and allegations that the coronavirus is a hoax, said Neal Mohan, product manager of the coronavirus. business.

Other statistics showed that the video platform removes nearly 10 million videos per quarter, with the majority of those videos receiving less than 10 views before being removed, and content in violation of YouTube policies was 0, 16% to 0.18% of total views.

While sharing YouTube’s ability to delete content, Mohan noted that quick deletions were not “Not sufficient And explained that YouTube was working on “Recover information from reliable sources and reduce the dissemination of videos containing erroneous information“.

He also took the opportunity to point out that an overly aggressive approach to deletions would have a “ deterrent effect on freedom of expression“, Stressing in particular that governments ordered the removal of content.

“We are seeing a worrying new momentum around governments ordering the removal of content for political purposes”, Mohan wrote.

In addition to its content removal policies, Mohan said the platform aims to reduce the dissemination of videos containing harmful misinformation and increase the reach of information from “trusted sources.”


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